The Olympics Just Made A Decision On TransCompetitors – And It’s Controversial

Published on August 26, 2017

Some people can even find a way to introduce politics and division into the Olympics. As soon as this question came up, ANY answer was sure to offend SOMEONE.

Remember how the Olympics were built around the idea of leaving aside petty political divisions — even war — so they could come together in a spirit of competition?

Don’t you miss those days?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in charge of making the rules for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, said that there will be no sex or gender testing required for the upcoming games.

“With regard to Hyperandrogenism in female athletes, there were no regulations in place at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and there will be no regulations in place at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 as we are still awaiting the resolution of the Dutee Chand case,” the IOC wrote in a June email in response to an inquiry into how it would regulate the upcoming Olympics.
Source: The Daily Caller

CNN explains the Caster Semenya controversy:

Semenya – who won World Championships gold in the 800m in 2009 and added an Olympic silver at London 2012 – has levels of testosterone three times higher than is expected in women due to hyperandrogenism.

Her London silver was later upgraded to a gold after Russia’s Mariya Savinova was found to have broken anti-doping rules after testing positive for oxandrolone as part of the country’s state-sponsored doping regime.

The article continues:

Semenya has no womb or ovaries but, because of a chromosomal abnormality, internal testes.

Semenya identifies as a woman – as is anybody’s right – but some would label her as intersex.

And another, related story helped drive this decision:

The Dutee Chand case concerns the Indian sprinter who is fighting rules that prevent her from competing because she exhibits “female hyperandrogenism,” and has too many natural male traits which may give her an advantage over female opponents.

She was banned from competition because her natural testosterone levels exceeded the IOC’s rules. However, India is appealing the ruling. —Breitbart

But as anyone old enough to remember East Germany’s suspiciously masculine Olympic women could tell you, there is a REASON we have separate events for men and women.

Reasons that are directly connected to the fact that men and women have set VERY different Olympic records. It’s right there in Black and white for events measuring Strength. Or speed. Or endurance.

Here is the question that anyone cheering this decision — especially Feminists — ought to ask themselves.

Will this decision spell the end for women’s competitive sport?

And is pleasing this political movement worth that price?

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Source: CNN

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