Social Media Censors White Supremacists But Muslim Terrorists … eh, Not So Much

Written by K. Walker on August 19, 2017

Social media is using their ‘terms of use’ to hammer the KKK…
But are they missing something in the process?

As the Left has said for years when arguing for the legalization of drugs:

“Prohibition never works.”

And yet, Social Media, Web servers, and finance groups have decided to make an example of an easy target whose message almost everyone — ourselves at ClashDaily included — hates and are repulsed by: white supremacists.

Leaving aside the argument whether there are other, far more effective ways to make them socially outcasts (Like what the Superman show did, below.)

“Clan of the Fiery Cross”
The series is also credited with dealing a powerful blow against the Ku Klux Klan’s prospects in the northern USA. The human rights activist, Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan and other racist/terrorist groups. Concerned that the organization had too strong connections to the government and police forces, Kennedy decided to use his findings to strike at the Klan in a different way. He contacted the producers of the Superman series and proposed a story where the superhero battles the Klan. The producers, looking for new villains, eagerly agreed to the idea. To that end, he provided information—including secret codewords and details of Klan rituals—to the writers. The result was a series of episodes, “Clan of the Fiery Cross,” in which Superman took on the Klan. Kennedy intended to strip away the Klan’s mystique, and the trivialization of the Klan’s rituals and codewords likely had a negative impact on Klan recruiting and membership.

Reportedly, Klan leaders denounced the show and called for a boycott of Kellogg’s products. However, the story arc earned spectacular ratings which prompted the food company to stand by their support of the show. —Superman Wiki

It’s their platform and their terms of service. If they choose to disassociate with these people as clients, that’s well within their right (as it should be with a Christian baker).

But if they’re going that direction, shouldn’t they add a few names to their list?

Remember the Imam who stood in front of his Mosque and issued a sermon — and prayer — in response to the conflict on the Holy Mount in Jerusalem? American Imam Preaches Violence — Should Trump Deport Him?

He waxed eloquently on how the Koran teaches that Jews would be hiding behind a tree, but the tree would call out ‘there is a Jew behind me, come kill him’. His closing prayer (translated by MEMRI) had him praying for the destruction of the Jews, and that he might even be intrumental in that coming to pass.

These are the same people that cried ‘hate’ over a few strips of bacon on their doorknobs.

If the KKK is a problem and should be cut off, should that Mosque not ALSO be cut off for their hate? He’s calling for genocide.

What about CAIR? Even the UAE lists them as a Terrorist group.

What about Hamas? Even the EU calls them Terrorists. And the EU obviously hates Israel.

Will THEY be cut off from their internet presence, social programs, and financial transactions?

Or will people still be able to support THEIR hate with Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal? See them on social media, and have their propaganda show up in Google searches?

If you’re going to oppose violent groups… at least be consistent.

And while you’re cutting off hate groups, can we all finally denounce these guys?

It’s a group of violent Thugs. Letting them (and their Funding!) remain is a mistake… we’ll just be swapping one hateful group for another.

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Share if this policy should be applied to all violent ideologies, or none at all.

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