Will The AltLeft Attack The Dixie Chicks For Their ‘Racist’ Name?

Published on August 26, 2017

Could the Dixie Chicks be on the wrong side of a political sh-tstorm… yet again?

Way back in Dubya’s Presidency, the ‘Colin Kaepernicks’ of their day got POUNDED for their public statements about the President.

You may remember the phrase ‘Shut Up And Sing’.

People weren’t buying their tickets to be scolded about their political views.

Eventually, after bitching and whining about how ‘unfair’ the blowback they faced for politicizing their shows was, they went back to being forgotten by most of the rest of us.

Are they about to face Round Two?

And this time, will it be the LEFT that turns them into a pinata… over their name?

Wouldn’t that be a hoot? If the Alt-Left turned on the Dixie Chicks who would Natalie Maines rage against?

But hey, isn’t it her fault for naming a band after the group of states that made up the Confederacy?

Before you laugh at that being the stupidest idea you’ve ever heard, don’t forget:

The professionally aggrieved on the Left SPECIALIZE in being offended.

If it does happen, what next?

Would they try to appease the intolerant Left?

Will they come to realize that it is the Right that supports freedom of speech and expression?

Or would they just give up and slink off into the sunset?

Better question: would you care?

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