She Went Out Just To Walk Her Dog – Parents WORST Nightmare Ensues

Published on September 2, 2017

She was just walking her dog. It’s the most normal thing in the world, right?
Until she didn’t come back.

Parents are torn between doing too much and too little.

A quick look at the whiny little prisses that have been pouring out of colleges, and donning black masks for local protests reminds us about how the bubble-wrap and helicopter parenting models can go wrong.

But even those are a reaction to the other extreme.

About vague unnamed dangers lurking ‘out there’ that could hurt their children.

Most of the time those fears are completely unfounded.

But all it takes is a story like this one to make them seem real enough.

Kaytlynn Cargill, 14, was walking her dog when she vanished.

Two days later, her body turned up in a landfill.

She had been beaten to death with a hammer.

A hammer.

Investigators uncovered text messages indicating that Cargill sought to obtain marijuana from the juvenile at the time of her disappearance.
Cargill went to the juvenile’s apartment, where he is alleged to have used a hammer to kill her.
Forensic investigators found blood spots inside the apartment as well as the hammer itself. —DailyMail

DNA believed to be hers has been found on the hammer, as well.

So much for pot being ‘harmless’. It sure wasn’t in her case.

If you want to really keep your kids safe, it’s about getting them REALLY ready to face what the world will throw at them.

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