DISGUSTING: Girl Goes For DAYTIME Jog – She Thought She Was Safe!

Published on September 30, 2017

There was a time when boys were taught that men PROTECT women from violence, rather than provoking it. This loser never got the memo.

Normally, female joggers who are concerned about their safety make a decision to jog during daylight.

This jogger found out firsthand that daylight jogging does NOT necessarily guarantee safety.

Here’s one woman telling the story about how she got ‘clocked’ by a stranger, ‘as hard as he could’.

She wants it to stand as a warning to others.

What is WRONG with people?

Also — can you imagine the outraged headlines if the racial component of this interaction were reversed? We’d be talking about Nazis and KKK. Can anyone explain how this is any better? Visiting a violence on a random stranger? What drives that kind of hatred, do you think?

Let’s ask the honest question to our male readership.

If you see a young female jogger running past you, what goes through your mind? Probably a few things, right?

Some of us may have other things on our minds and pay no attention.

Others may make momentary eye contact, maybe the polite nod as she passes by.

Let’s be honest — we’re guys, after all — if she’s young and attractive, we probably admire her figure. Maybe even turn our heads to admire her from another angle as she passes.

Some might try to get her name or make some other social contact.

But is there anyone — ANYONE — in our readership who would seriously contemplate hauling off and pounding some random stranger in the face?

If there is — we have a message for you: Get Help. Only losers and schmucks have so little self-worth, self-confidence or self-mastery that they feel the need to dominate strangers.

That’s a counterfeit masculinity, not the real thing. This book lays out the differences between them.

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