Slimy Boyfriend Abuses This Man’s Daughter – That Was A BIG Mistake

Published on September 30, 2017

A lot of dads THREATEN this sort of thing to anyone who messes with his daughter. It’s not often those threats make the news.

The unnamed (pregnant) daughter reached out to her daddy for help, because her boyfriend was beating her. She asked him to retaliate.

(The baby is due in October.)

The news that some scumbag is hurting his princess will enrage ANY father under ANY condition. How much MORE enraged would a dad be if he did it while she’s ‘heavy with child’?

A lot of dads will TALK big about all the bad things they will do to someone in a situation. But most dads never have to find out whether that bravado is ‘all talk’ or not.

As 18-year-old Anthony Pietrzak (found dead in Tulsa) discovered, Dearld Ray Peal Jr. 46 and Tracy Gene Price, 40 were definitely NOT all talk.

On Tuesday, an anonymous caller told police that a man he knew only as Anthony had been beaten to death in his home.
A witness told homicide detectives of seeing a man being beaten, hogtied and thrown into the back of a pickup truck outside the victim’s home in north Tulsa, police said.
Pietrza’s body was found at around 2am Thursday just outside of Tulsa’s city limits and about 3 miles from his and his girlfriend’s home. — Source: Daily Mail

How confusing will that be for the kid when he’s older —

My grand-dad was in prison…
Because he murdered my dad…
For beating my mom…
When she was pregnant with me…

That poor kid.

A lot of bad decisions had to align for this mess to happen. The girl’s choice in men, and not reporting baby-daddy’s violence to the POLICE.

Her dad beating the punk to DEATH.

But the big one was scumbag Anthony beating the crap out of a pregnant woman.

If that ONE detail had changed, we would not even know his name. Too bad he never read this book. It could have LITERALLY saved his life:

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