Mayweather Gets Political – Hollywood Won’t Like Who He’s Slamming & Shaming

Published on September 15, 2017

He’s thrown his share of bombs in the ring.
Now he is throwing truth-bombs that are shredding the Left’s favorite narratives.

It would be bad enough that he agreed with Trump. About anything, really.

But to say things like THIS…

How could he?

Floyd Mayweather went on an uncensored radio show after winning that historic Boxing match with Connor McGregor.

It really was an interesting video.

He WORKED hard for what he got. And he expects everyone else should too.

“I worked my way from the bottom to the top. Nobody gave me s***.”

It was long-form, all topics open (even sex life questions) and they covered a lot of ground. From the fight, and his 9-figure paydays, to his personal life to politics and everything in between.

About the trash-talking between him and Connor McGregor? It was ‘real’.

“He didn’t like me. I didn’t like him. We had a beef, we squashed that beef in the ring….”

He addressed his use of the word F—-t.

And then he went to other topics. Including Trump, who he doesn’t believe is racist.

I think a lot, within this world, like I said, racism still exists. You never heard anything about Donald Trump being racist until he ran for president and won. Before that, everyone was like, “Oh, he on WWE. He on different shows.” Everybody, they liked Donald Trump. As soon as he ran for president, because, people don’t like the truth.

He agreed with some others that the infamous Billy Bush tape as ‘locker room talk’ that other men engage in. And other examples of the sort of things men have been known to say when no women were listening.

Any of those would be enough to make Hillary grab for the smelling salts. But he wasn’t done.

Leftist agitators would be better served in allocating their protest time toward self-improvement, said Mayweather:

So at the end of the day, I don’t know why everybody keeps bitching about, and keeps picketing, and holding, they walking, “We don’t want!”; protesting, “We don’t want this happening!”

My man, all that time you spend protesting, you keep be at home writing down ideas, coming up with a business. —DailyWire

Trump did his homework, did what he had to do, and ‘got there’.

He’s not telling anyone who he can and can’t be friends with.

What I’m sayin’ is this: A lot of times you meet people, people from other countries, and they’re like, “Oh, I love my country. I love this, I love that.” I say, “You love your country so much, why you here? You’re takin’ up space for other people. We got some other Americans that’ll love your job.”

But remember, this country will give somebody else from a whole other country that they don’t know s*** about a loan before they’ll even give an American citizen a loan. I don’t know how many illegal people that we have in this country… A lot of times, we spend too much time worrying and talking about everybody’s business instead of worrying about our own.

Here is the political segment, if you prefer just to hear that part of it.

But be warned. Like we said, it’s uncensored.

If you watched it anyway… and still got offended?

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