The Nanny From Hell: What She Did To Their Tiny Baby Is The Epitome Of Evil

Written by K. Walker on September 20, 2017

She was entrusted with the most precious thing that this couple had — their baby. What she did to her is pure evil.

The video is completely shocking.

A Namibian couple was horrified with what they saw on their nanny cam. The nanny that the had hired in May to take care of their 9-month old daughter, Laila, had been highly recommended and they were told that she was ‘good with children’.

They became suspicious that something wasn’t right when they noticed marks on Laila’s feet and she seemed afraid of the nanny.

After they installed the nanny cams in their home in July, they were shocked by what they saw.

And the nanny is facing attempted murder charges.

A child carer in Namibia is facing an attempted murder charge after a nanny cam caught her appearing to violently throw a baby into a crib.

Footage taken from inside the child’s bedroom shows the nanny walking into the shot while carrying the child – Laila – by her shoulder and neck.

The unnamed nanny was arrested on Friday on charges of child abuse, assault, and attempted murder. She has been denied bail and will remain in jail until October.

Laila’s mother, Annemarie Theron, 31, spoke about the incident:

‘I didn’t expect to see what I saw and I was absolutely shattered. I was horrified that she could look me in the eye – like she did everyday. My heart breaks.’…

…’I believe she did my child an injustice and I don’t want her to have access to other children again,’ said Ms Theron, who works as a marketing and reservations manager at a remote holiday lodge in the town of Outjo.

‘Initially the police weren’t really into the case until I showed them the video. Now I’ve had fantastic support,’ she said.

She also spoke about what made her suspicious:

She said: ‘I noticed marks on the balls of her [Laila] feet where the creases are. I couldn’t understand where they came from and I started being very particular to what was going on. I didn’t see anything else for a long time.’

A red flag came this month after Mr Theron noticed Laila appearing to act scared of the nanny, and the couple then discussed installing cameras in their home.
Source: Daily Mail


What a violation of trust!

Theron said that not all nannies are bad, but it will take time to be able to trust again.

What do you think of this nanny’s behavior?

Is the charge of attempted murder too harsh, or just right?

I for one hope that she spends a long time in jail.

Theron also said that the nanny has four children of her own, and she feels a bit guilty for them not having their mom. She also mentioned that since the video has been released, others are coming forward with stories of violence at home from this nanny, especially when she drinks alcohol.

If you ask me, her kids are better without her.

Theron may have initially thought she was saving her own child, but it might have actually been five children that she rescued from this evil woman.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments.

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