UNREAL: Miley Virus Yaps About The Most Inappropriate Stuff In Front Of Her Grandma

Published on September 9, 2017

Is THIS the ‘new and improved’ Miley Cyrus? The one that is trying to put that ‘wrecking ball’ phase behind her? Granny must be proud.

So Miley Cyrus went on the Ellen show, as pop divas tend to do.

And what did she do on Ellen’s show, with her granny in attendance?

She answered awkward questions about her sex life, of course.

Because what’s more ‘natural and modest for a single woman than having a conversation about your sex life on national TV? With granny present?

Ellen began: ‘We’re playing Lady Time with Ellen and Miley… Your sex life with your lover- ‘ but Miley cut her off exclaiming: ‘My Grandma’s in the audience!’
‘She can’t hear anyway, it’s okay’ the Wrecking Ball hitmaker joked, before speaking directly to her Grandmother. ‘I’m just kidding, you can hear that, I have on a mic.’
Ellen then continued, asking the first question: ‘Your sex life with your lover can best be compared to… a roller coaster ride, a luxury cruise or a commuter trip on a Concorde jet?’ —DailyMail

And it went on from there, reading questions from old issues of Cosmo.

In fact, something about those questions DID bother her. But it wasn’t what you might think.

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