Fox Anchor Accuses Weinstein Of Doing Something EXTREMELY GROSS In Front Of Her

Published on October 8, 2017

Yet another top-tier Democrat is being called out for extreme misogyny… that EVERYONE knew about.

Where is this ‘courage’ we keep hearing about from Hollywood?

The take ‘brave stands’ backstopping all the trendy causes. They stand up on podiums wearing their little knit caps — looking at you, Ashley Judd — and publicly excoriate Republicans for things that may or may not have ever happened.

That’s in ‘defense of women’.

But right in their own midst is a super-powerful, super-wealthy slob, protected by a conspiracy of silence.

We noticed that Weinstein’s name wasn’t uttered by anyone in that ‘Pu**y March’. Not even by Ashley Judd, who KNEW who he was. But Trump’s was. Relentlessly.

Seems a little… hypocritical.

Late-night hosts love to show their ‘courage’ by mocking any Republican, or small-time Democrat for doing something dumb or disgusting — see Anthony Weiner.

They were THRILLED when scandals hit FOX News.

Is it because they love women, or hate FOX? There’s an easy test for that:

When it comes to the one place their public shame could have actually done some good? By exposing someone in their midst to mockery for his sick behavior?

Nah, too risky. Their ‘courage’ failed them.

Next time you hear them call Republicans ‘sexist’ remind them about the Hollywood Elite that helped — directly or indirectly — most of the top-tier Democrats drive their funding, remind them of THIS story.

And as the backlash grew, graphic revelations appeared in the HuffPost on Friday evening, claiming that Weinstein cornered a New York reporter and forcibly made her watch him masturbate in front of her.

Lauren Sivan, formerly a Fox News Reporter, claims that when she worked with the cable channel Long Island 12 a decade ago, Weinstein insisted she take a tour with him in Socialista, a club he part-owned.

She claims he took her downstairs to a kitchen and cleared it of staff and then tried to kiss her. When she refused his advance he said, ‘Well, can you just stand there and shut up’.

The movie mogul is then alleged to have masturbated in front of her and ejaculated into a nearby flower pot.

Sivan says she was trapped and intimidated and deeply shocked.


Into a flower pot.

That’s taking creepy to the next level.

And he hails himself as a ‘philanthropist’? A ‘defender of women’?

And most key Democrats have benefitted from his fundraisers?

So now Social Media is doing what the Hollywood comedians never DARED to do:

They are mocking him.

We called out the late-night hosts for their ‘tears from a clown’. We might have to revise that.

Tears from a clone.

Glad he’s not a relative coming to our family gatherings.

I’d much rather have this guy:

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