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GOOD DOGS: Here Are The EPIC Reasons These Dogs Are Getting The K9 MEDAL Of Courage

These dogs are more than just ‘good dogs’, they’re heroes in their own right.

There are over 1,600 dogs that serve in the U.S. military.

These dogs have sniffed out bombs, saved lives, been the target of enemy fire, and help our soldiers to just get through their difficult tours of duty.

The American Humane Lois Pope K-9 Medal of Courage Award is being awarded to 5 canine heroes this year: Alphie, who served in Afghanistan and now works as a bomb-sniffer with the TSA; Cappa, who served in the Navy and went to both Iraq and Afganistan, as well as protected the President of the United States; Coffee, who served 3 tours in Afghanistan as an explosive detection dog; Ranger who served with the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan; and posthumously to Gabe (military record unavailable).

These retired service dogs are going to be honored for their service to our country.

They are no less heroes than their human counterparts.

And it’s wonderful that they are getting the honor that they deserve.

Watch the CBS report:

Army Sgt. James Bennett and his family credit Coffee for having James with them today, and are determined to make her final years good ones.

CBS’s Chip Reid asks, ‘Do you consider her a hero?

Bennet replied, ‘I consider her an angel.

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