Patriotism: A Uniting Force In A Divided Nation

Written by Larry Usoff on October 2, 2017

Sometimes I go to my movie library and pull out a film that I haven’t watched in quite a while…such was my choice this time. I watched FULL METAL JACKET and the reality of it struck me again, in a different way this time because it had been years since I’d seen it before. Although the first part of it, in Marine boot camp, was probably close to the truth, it may have been just a tad over-done for theatrical purposes.

What really got my attention was the part where the anti-hero hero is in Vietnam, and what was happening there. Battle scenes were, as far as I know, very close to actual conditions and that’s when the lightbulb went off in my head. It was urban warfare…house-to-house fighting, such as might be experienced in the United States in the not-too-distant future…unless we figure out what the hell is happening and change it. From time to time, one or another of my readers will write me and support my theory that urban warfare is coming…and then they’ll give me an illustration to prove their point.

As this is being written we are a divided nation. Essentially there are distinct factions on “the other side”, and they are diverse in their reasonings, except for one thing…they all seem to despise the country in which they live. There are protests by thousands of women, all claiming that their rights are being diminished…but they give no proof of that.

The element called Black Lives Matter is so wrapped up in their hatred of any white person that they turn a blind eye to the FACT that most crimes committed by blacks are ON black people! If black lives matter, why are they killing each other? The opposition party, the Democrat party, is SO upset about losing the election that they have decided on a suicide mission to kill their own party, and by committing the acts that they are committing, they are doing just that. Some members on the left would have the rest of us believe that “free” really means just that…but it doesn’t. In EVERY instance where something “free” is given away, somebody or something is paying for it in some manner. The free lunch went out with prohibition.

The other day I watched another man-in-the-street interview and, as usual, the answers given to really simple questions, were appalling. It was typical UNTIL…a pretty young woman, a blonde at that, was asked about the Declaration of Independence. Darned if she didn’t start right in and say it, word for word, until she got to a point where she started to cry. My feelings were right there with her because I still tear up when I hear patriotic music or watch a military memorial service.

Then something reminded me that the Congress was once asked to read aloud the Declaration of Independence at the beginning of each session, with members taking turns at reading it. Apparently that idea was not too popular because when I watch C-Span it never occurs, and it should. That document, more than anything except our Constitution, separates the United States from every other country on earth. We’ve been called a noble experiment, and we are, one that should continue to exist.

Another thing that crops up now and then is the phrase “we are a nation of laws”, and certainly that’s well worth applauding. Now, the question is, when are we going to start applying the laws already on the books, and jailing people that most certainly deserve to be behind bars? In the past, people with political clout that went to jail/prison, went to what has been called “country club” prisons. There is a prison, built in 2006 that has sat, virtually empty, in Thomson, Illinois. The federal government bought the prison in 2012 and although it has a staff and just over 100 inmates it is mostly unused. This would be an ideal place to send prisoners convicted of misdeeds concerning the federal government. It was just the other day that former FBI Director Comey admitted that he leaked classified information to a newspaper, via a friend of his. This is illegal…so why is he not in prison?

Parting shot: It was two pistol shots that started events that culminated in World War One. It was the German army marching into Austria, ostensibly at the Austrian’s request, that started World War Two. There are a few things in the mix already, that could begin World War Three. There is North Korea, openly menacing the United States, becoming more belligerent every day, and it’s questionably-sane leader.

Iran, of one faction of the Islamic faith, out to destroy all the others on the other side of that same faith, and their tweaking of Uncle Sam’s nose. There’s China, once a good military ally, now both an economic AND military threat. Finally, there’s Russia. As with France, in WW2, the United States committed men and materiel to Russia and helped them to victory…now they are another potential enemy. If nuclear war comes, bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your nether region goodbye!

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