WATCH: Bro Goes On Epic, And I Mean EPIC Rant Against NFL Rapscallions

Published on October 1, 2017

There’s passion… and then there is THIS guy!
Fred could wake you up faster than a double espresso.

Fred Rubino is not mincing words.

He is lighting up the NFL with a badass rant — with a quick detour to light up Ray Lewis, too.

If you think you are going to ‘explain’ to him why these athletes are ‘taking a knee’… guess again.

Taking a knee

Posted by Fred Rubino on Monday, September 25, 2017

He’s got something to tell the athletes about the folks in the stands who pay their paychecks.

Ray Lewis — who didn’t seem to mind the justice system when it ruled in his favor in the murder charge — took the knee.

He’s the same guy who was just on Fox News admitting that the protest doesn’t even HAVE a single unifying message, beyond ‘solidarity’.

Steelers Ben Roethlisberger? Charged with rape not once, but TWICE?

He didn’t seem to mind the justice system when he settled out of court.

Poor babies… you were from a ‘poor neighborhood’? The odds were against you? You’re cashing fat checks. Stop ruining it for the OTHER kid who’s trying to get out of the rough neighborhood and make something of himself.

Do they dare to ‘stand for JUSTICE’?

“These athletes are punching their wives in the face and they’re still playin’!’

‘They torture dogs to death — they come back and play!’

And if you want to tell these clowns exactly what you think of them? You can!


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