‘You’re All Going To Die’: Vegas Concertgoer WARNED of Shooting Before Killing Commenced

Published on October 2, 2017

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Twenty-two thousand people were gathered for a Country Music Festival and were just getting ready for the last act of the weekend. Jason Aldean was just starting his set when shots rang out.

No… they didn’t ring out, exactly. There was a steady, unrelenting rat-a-tat-tat of gunfire.

But forty-five minutes earlier, a woman predicted the death and mayhem that was about to rip the night apart.

Here is a witness being interviewed by a reporter.


She went back up to her room FROM the concert.

The lady — again, 45 minutes earlier — went into the first row at the concert and told people they were ‘all going to die tonight’.

Security, naturally, escorted her out.

It was unclear at this point whether this is the same woman who was apprehended in connection with the killer (they were roommates).

That woman, Marilou Danley, has since been cleared of involvement, police said.

POLICE have confirmed the “female companion” of the suspected Las Vegas gunman is no longer a person of interest in the deadliest shooting in US history.
Las Vegas detectives said they do not believe Marilou Danley, 62, was involved with the shooting on the the Las Vegas strip police suspect was carried out by Stephen Paddock.

The Courier Mail reports the former casino worker is an Australian passport holder who may be of Indonesian descent.
She is understood to be a former housemate of the suspected killer, Stephen Paddock who was reportedly using her identification.

Police said she was not with him during the shooting and she was not believed to have been involved in the attack. — News dot com

The obvious question that remains unanswered is who was the woman that security led away? And what connection did she have to the incident?

The impact of the events and the fear for her own safety are obvious in the follow-up questions in the interview. It’s impossible to imagine what living through this horror would do to someone’s mind.

Doug weighs in and shares his thoughts on the Las Vegas mass killing:


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