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David Cassidy Dead At 67 – Here’s Our Clash Tribute

He’s remembered as the Partridge Family front man who melted a generation of teenage girls’ hearts. And he had some solid talent, too.

After making his debut on Broadway in the ill-fated show, “The Fig Leaves Are Falling” (which was canceled after four shows), David got his big break.

A casting director wanted to work with him. It lead to him being on ‘The Partridge Family’.

The song “I Think I Love You” was a smash hit.

Was he popular? You could say so.

Ten albums by The Partridge Family and five solo albums were produced during the series, with most selling more than a million copies each. Internationally, Cassidy’s solo career eclipsed the already phenomenal success of The Partridge Family. He became an instant drawcard, with sellout concert successes in major arenas around the world. These concerts produced mass hysteria, resulting in the media coining the term “Cassidymania”. By way of example, he played to two sellout crowds of 56,000 each at the Houston Astrodome in Texas over one weekend in 1972. His concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden sold out in one day and resulted in riots after the show. His concert tours of the United Kingdom included sellout concerts at Wembley Stadium in 1973. In Australia in 1974, the mass hysteria was such that calls were made to have him deported from the country, especially after the madness at his 33,000-person audience concert at Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Source: Wiki bio

Riots, and calls to deport him?

Did he remember that time in his life fondly? In an interview, he compared it to being on the ‘nose of a rocketship’.

And he said something you hear hardly anyone say today.

It was a ‘magnificent time in America to be alive’.

What were some of his other hits?

In the vein of other classic 70’s hits, he wrote a number of songs, including ‘Rock Me Baby’.

He kept producing music, his own, and for others.

The Last Kiss was one of his bigger hits:

And Asia’s ‘Prayin’ 4 A Miracle’ was written by David.

His final release — Lyin To Myself broke into the top 40.

Besides ‘The Partridge Family’ and his music career, he was in a number of shows, ranging from Mod Squad, Fantasy Island, Love Boat early on, to roles on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Flash, Malcolm In The Middle, CSI, and even…

…Celebrity Apprentice.

His personal life was turbulent, to be sure.

But he always gave his fans his best effort. He kept on going until his body finally betrayed him, and he could no longer take the stage.

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