‘LaVar Ball Is Everything That’s WRONG With America’ – Bros Put Ball On FULL BLAST!

Are you up to speed on the latest dose of Crazy that our sports industry has offered us?
Enjoy the thorough pounding served up to the ungrateful blowhard. And a hapless heckler, too.

Doug and Rich will sound off on the Basketball ‘kid’ (adult) who goes to a foreign nation, with a notoriously humorless prison system, and thinks it would be cool to pocket some high-end merch. They hammer the dad, too.

Watch the latest awesome podcast:

But before we get to that, we’ve got a heckler who thinks he’s up for the challenge of running with the Big Dogs. Enjoy the derision:

So what exactly are the rules for Liberals? To say anything about homosexuals is a ‘slur’ and ‘homophobia’… unless you are leftist who’s never emotionally matured past 8th grade.

Then you get to slander people you’ve never met. And call them … gay? Wouldn’t that technically be insulting to any number of actual gays who might thoroughly disagree with most everything they do and stand for?

What does he care, to liberals, words are only weapons. Should anything they say be actually TRUE? Why start now?

Next up: LaVar Ball.

Don’t know who he is? He’s the father of that basketball player who went to China.

Maybe this song will ring a bell.

Yep. One of three players who got busted trying to steal from a store in China.

Trump intervened, spoke to the Xi Jinping (President of China) and, instead of facing 10 years in prison, they got to come home to America.

Two of the players quietly thanked the President, and carried on with their lives, happy to put the incident behind them.

But would-be Father-of-the-Year saw a chance for marketing his product. So he decided to make a spectacle, not of himself, but of his son, doing precisely the OPPOSITE of what a good dad would do.

The father — LaVar — is attempting to leverage notoriety out of this shameful moment in his son’s life.

He is attempting to sell his Brand off of the controversy he’s generated with his son’s very public and humiliating moment of shame.

A proper dad would want to shield him from it. This one would rather revel in it.

What is the net result? Two basketball players go quietly on with their lives.

The third — LaVar’s son LiAngelo — was not permitted to do so. Because LaVar wants his 15 minutes of fame and is willing to throw even his own son under the bus to get it. He’s willing to make ‘Been Caught Stealing’ the theme song of his own son’s life in the process.

Maybe over this Thanksgiving, he should give some thought to the fact that his son isn’t locked up halfway around the world, and give some thought to the meaning of that very famous lesson about gratitude.

LaVar has a lot to be grateful for if he can muster the humility.

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