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The NFL Attempts SNEAKY BS Against Our Anthem – Trump DESTROYS Them With 6 Words

Patriots will LOVE this! A six-word smackdown from the POTUS to the NFL.

The NFL kneeling nonsense continues. And the league is so candy-@ssed that they let it.

Doug talks about the cost that this protest has had on the NFL as well as those that the Media (D) has forgotten:

But now, the brilliant folks in the NFL have a solution: Keep the players off the field until after the anthem.

Ummm… not really.

And President Trump called them out on this crap plan perfectly:

Trump was referring to a Washington Post report on Tuesday that outlined a possible new league policy being privately debated by NFL team owners.

Various players and teams have stayed in their locker rooms before games this year, emerging only after the National Anthem is played in order to avoid the decision of whether or not to stand.

Source: Daily Mail

It’s said that ‘brevity is the soul of wit’, and that is probably why President Trump is so very Twitter-successful.

Now that Twitter has doubled its character count, so many people are having a blast reading President Trump’s 280 characters of wisdom.

And the Media (D) is obsessed with his Twitter feed.

Trump has called out Marshawn Lynch for sitting during the Star Spangled Banner but standing for the Mexican anthem.

The NFL has been completely hypocritical in their handling of the ‘Take A Knee’ versus the 9/11 cleats, the small helmet stickers to honor the murdered Dallas cops, etc, etc.

Fans find the continued kneeling disrespectful.

And fans are leaving in droves.

Good plan, NFL, double-down on the madness.

Let’s see what happens next.

Tell the NFL your prediction:

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NFL’s TV ratings are plummeting as more players refuse to stand for the national anthem. It’s hard to believe that a nation that has given these players the opportunity to achieve so much is so easily disrespected. Even worse, consider the men and women who have laid down their lives so that these athletes could live in a relatively safe country and enjoy their fame and fortune.

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