Here’s PROOF The Houston Texans Team Is FULL Of Morons

Written by K. Walker on November 1, 2017

The Houston Texans have publicly displayed their idiocy. These bros are about as bright as a sack of wet mice. Check it out.

Although that phrase is probably racist somehow.

Who the hell knows at this point.

Most of the team took a knee on Sunday, and well, it just made it completely clear that these bros don’t know how to use the Google machine.

Doug had covered this nonsense here:

These wannabe Mensa members are just dumb.

Actually, looks like there’s almost a whole NFL team full of them.

Clay Travis of OutKick the Coverage handled it pretty well.

He said that the Texans are just showing how unbelievably dumb they are to not get a well-understood use of the language.

Let me us a simile to illustrate:  These protesting Texans players are as dumb as a box of rocks.

That, kiddies, is a simile.

A metaphor would be:  The protesting Texans players are dumber than a box of rocks.

Texans — the real ones — have a reputation: they’re badass, salt of the Earth, and fiercely independent. They’re smart as a whip and they stand up for what’s right. They love their God, their guns, and their country. They are, after all, Texans.

They’re not wimpy little virtue signaling leftists looking under every rock for something to be outraged about.

These wussified, kneeling clowns are unworthy of the name ‘Texans’.

Either they need to change and live up to that name, or get turfed.

The players, even if they weren’t ‘edumacated’ in idioms and metaphors, could have just ‘Googled’ it. You know, to see if they should be outraged or not.  Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) had to look up the meaning of the ’empty barrel’ comment by Gen. Kelly before deciding it was racist and she should be outraged.

An idiom, for those of you who need a refresher course in elementary school English, is per the dictionary “a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual word.”

The easiest possible example? When someone says “it’s raining cats and dogs,” it is not literally raining cats and dogs. It’s just raining hard.

If you had never heard the idiom McNair used you could have pulled out your phone and googled the phrase, rapidly understanding its common usage. That way your response wouldn’t be ignorant, illogical and prove the exact point the owner of your team was making — that protests are bad for business.

But did any of these geniuses do that?


And guess what?  It couldn’t just stop at kneeling, could it?


Ten of them didn’t bother to show up for work.

Seriously.  They didn’t go to their JOB.


Frankly, it’s a darn good thing that Bob McNair didn’t use a different idiom or he’d be in in even bigger trouble.

The Houston Texans owner should actually be thanking his lucky stars he didn’t say “we can’t let the monkeys run the zoo,” because if he’d said that he would have been led before a firing squad and publicly executed immediately before the national anthem in Seattle. IDIOMS ARE HATE CRIMES, Y’ALL!

It’s impossible for the country to get any dumber.

Until next week, that is, when the Houston Texans will probably take a knee to protest the pot calling the kettle black, which is a clear example of culinary racism.

Don’t give them ideas!

You know they’d do that.

Travis sums up his article with a slew of idioms.

Apologies to Colin Kaepernick, I didn’t think it was possible for players to protest in a dumber way than you did, but I was wrong. The Houston Texans idiotic idiom protest takes the cake.

On Sunday the Houston Texans players executed the dumbest protest in sports history by barking up the wrong tree. They need to go back to the drawing board before they add even more insult to injury. Because unless they want to give up their day jobs they are crying over spilt milk by jumping on the protest bandwagon.

Source:  OutKick the Coverage

And over at that craphole, ESPN, Charles Woodson refuses to say ‘Owner’ of the team, because that’s reminiscent of the ‘plantation mentality’ of the NFL or something.

Are these people serious?

Bob McNair is the one that cuts the cheques.  Without him, they wouldn’t be working.  He owns the team — the business — that employs these NFL players.

He doesn’t ‘own’ the players, but he owns the brand.

And just like any business, he should be allowed to dictate what his employees may and may not do while they are on the job.

Is this so freaking difficult?

No wonder football players are viewed as dumb.  It’s crap like this that makes them look like complete and utter morons.

Soon, it won’t matter.

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