Trump Dropkicks The NFL Once Again And It’s D@mn Near PERFECT

Published on November 28, 2017

Can you imagine how this issue would have played out if Hillary were in office? Would there be a Chardonnay Summit at the White House?

That’s not how Trump rolls.

He sees lack of leadership at the League level.

(You may remember that quip ‘the inmates running the prison’ which wasn’t NEARLY the offensive statement they tried to make it out to be.)

But nothing has changed. The protest continues, and fans are getting more and more accustomed to NOT building a football game into their Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday) routines.

The fans are creating a habit of NOT watching the game.

WE know what that could mean for the league.

TRUMP knows what that could mean for the league.

In fact, it seems the only people who DON’T know what that could mean for the league get paid by the league.

Well, them and the various leftist groups who are all-in on the protest itself.

They’re all in for a rude awakening if they do irreversible harm to the league.

But Trump is STILL trying to give them that wake-up call.

The press thinks he’s just being a ‘hater’ or something.

But really, he’s doing what Goodell himself Ought to be doing.

Calling attention to the cause/effect relationship between the protest and the fans giving the league the collective finger.

A league without fans is just a private club.

And private clubs don’t have the ability to fill stadiums, sell merch, or sign million-dollar paychecks.

You can’t have it both ways. If you bite the hand that feeds you, don’t be surprised when you pay a price.

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