DISGUSTING: Look What San Fran’s ‘City Officials’ Are Asking Of Kate Steinle’s Parents

Written by K. Walker on December 6, 2017

Haven’t they gone through enough? Get a load of the latest B.S. the Steinle family is being subjected to by the nutty leftists in San Francisco.

Kate Steinle was killed because of the asinine sanctuary city status that San Francisco took on itself.

Jim Steinle and Liz Sullivan have lost their daughter, and Brad Steinle has lost his sister. Kate’s murderer was found not guilty on almost all charges — including ‘involuntary manslaughter’ and the wrist-slap of ‘assault with a semi-automatic weapon’. Jose Inez Garcia Zarate was found guilty of the charge of possession of a firearm by a felon.

Kate Steinle was killed while walking along Pier 14 in San Francisco in July 2015 by what the left calls an ‘undocumented immigrant’ (read: illegal alien) who had been deported multiple times and had an outstanding ICE warrant because he was to be deported for a sixth time.

It was a shocking case with an even more shocking decision by the jury:


Steinle’s family has argued that Kate would still be alive if Jose Inez Garcia Zarate had been held in custody and deported.

Steinle’s parents brought forward wrongful death lawsuits against former San Francisco sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Bureau of Land Management (because it was a stolen gun from that agency that was used to kill Kate).

City officials and the U.S. government want the lawsuits dropped.

The family of Kate Steinle filed the federal lawsuit in May of 2016 against former San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement, and the Bureau of Land Management.

The lawsuit seeks to hold the Bureau of Land Management, ICE, and former Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi accountable for providing “the means and opportunity for a repeat drug felon to secure a gun and kill Kate,” according to the complaint.

Mirkarimi refused to hold Lopez-Sanchez for ICE, citing San Francisco’s sanctuary city law.
Source: KRON 4


It was the craptastic leftist ‘sanctuary city’ policies that let in that ‘bad hombre’ and allowed him to boomerang back into the country every time he was sent away.

This dude kept coming here and did so illegally. He was also a seven-time felon. Zarate had multiple drug charges including heroin possession and manufacturing narcotics.

Bad hombre? No problemo. You can stay in ‘Frisco, baby!

Zarate’s story changed throughout the case. At first he said he shot at a sea lion but the bullet ricocheted off of concrete and hit Kathryn Steinle in the back and pierced her aorta. He then backtracked and said that the gun fired accidentally. Only one bullet was fired from the .40-caliber Sig Sauer that Zarate claims he ‘found’.

So, we’re supposed to believe a multiple-times caught drug dealer that keeps violating our immigration law?


Can you imagine the outrage on the left if Zarate had actually hit a sea lion as he claimed he was doing?

There would be protests and demands to uphold deportations and to build a wall.

At least that’s what I think would happen.

It seems to me that the life of a sea lion is valued on the left as a far more precious life than that of a beautiful, 32-year old American woman.

We need to stand up and be badass, just like Kate Steinle’s parents are doing with their wrongful death lawsuits.

The leftists are mental and someone needs to call out their B.S. with actual reason and common sense.

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