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DISGUSTING: NFL Clown Launches Insane Tirade Against COPS – Another Out Of Control PUNK

This bro is having a SPECTACULAR rookie year — but it’s not for what he’s doing on the field.

He’s not doing anything on the field.

Rookie Seahawks Defensive Tackle, Malik McDowell, hasn’t even been playing since he suffered a concussion in July.

He was selected third in the 2nd round, 35th overall in the 2017 NFL draft. The Seattle Seahawks signed McDowell to a four-year, $6.95 million contract with $4.40 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of $3.19 million. Just before training camp, McDowell was involved in an ATV accident that left him with a concussion and unable to play. He has since returned to practice but is unable to play due to his injury.

So, he’s already an expense without a payoff.

And now it turns out that he’s an arrogant jerk.

He’s been arrested for disorderly conduct in an Atlanta club.

Defensive tackle Malik McDowell, who is not an active player after suffering concussion in July, was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning after getting into a row over money outside the SL Lounge club in Atlanta.

At around 2.21am, the sportsman allegedly shouted at a security guard that he had already paid $600.

However staff claim he hadn’t given them any cash.

Security kicked him out, then let him back in again.

Things escalated and the police were called.

Aaaaand that’s when he went into a foul-mouthed rant at the cops.

A cop said the player poured out a couple of bottles of alcohol while inside.

Officers then tried to get McDowell into the back of the police car where he allegedly swore at them, saying: ‘F*** both of ya’ll hoe ass n*****, p**** ass cops, I bet I get out, I got more money than ya’ll, ya’ll ain’t got enough money for me, p**** ass crackers, broke ass n*****.’

The officer claims he put up such a struggle that she almost had to use a taser and pepper spray on him.

He was booked for disorderly conduct before being released on a $325 bond.
Source: Daily Mail

Well, time to reset the counter over at

Congrats, Seahawks.

Looks like you drafted a guy that will fit in with the NFL culture that Roger Goodell is fostering over there.

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