You Just Might Be a Liberal Hypocrite if…

Written by Rob Morse on December 5, 2017

You just might be a liberal hypocrite if…

As a star of the socialist news media, you act offended by President Trump’s talk of grabbing a woman’s sex … while off-camera you are busy raping women in your office.

As a liberal newscaster you act indignant as you grill the conservative talk show host who is facing charges of sexual assault … while you are praying your own victims remain silent.

As a member of the socialist media, you condemn a conservative political candidate accused of sexual advances towards young women … while you ignore the known fact that socialist senators dated young staffers, and a married socialist president was having sex with interns.

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As a supporter of radical feminism, you label political conservatives as supporting a “war on women” … while you ignore the socialist politicians who are charged and convicted of sexual assault and harassment. You ignore the liberals who’ve taken repeated rides on the “Lolita Express” where they fly offshore to have sex with youngsters.

As a movie star, you condemn conservatives as “deplorable”, but you remained quiet for years as other young actors were abused by powerful talent agents, by other actors, and by directors.

As a socialist congressman or congresswoman, you say you are for women’s empowerment … while you hide the fact that congress has a slush fund to silence victims of sexual abuse.

We were called racist haters if we questioned president Obama’s policies. Now we have socialist students who say “Kill all the Republicans.” and they are considered “woke”.

You make public service advertisements supporting gun control for the common man … while you have your own armed security at home and in public.

No wonder you support gun control to disarm your victims.

These are the obvious examples. What other instances do you see?

photo credit: AndrewDallos Matt Lauer at NBC News’ Commander and Chief Forum last night via photopin (license)

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