Leftists Lose What’s Left Of Their Heads Over Ivanka’s Dress – This IS TRULY Bizarre

Published on December 3, 2017

Were you wondering how they would top an accusation that she had (somehow) plagiarized … herself? Wonder no longer!

How many different ways can they be critical of Ivanka, anyway?

Not just her company, that they set out to destroy. (That sure backfired.)

What she’s wearing.

Fancy Dresses.

Girly dresses.

High heels.

And now they’re attacking her on her tour through India.

Calling her a plagiarist for recycling her own work in a different audience? That was really lame.

But the complaint about her clothes now? Insane.

That got such ‘body-positive’ and ‘not-sexist-at-all’ comments as being a ‘botoxed Barbie.’

Not only that, she was hammered for — get this — ‘cultural appropriation’. As the headline tells it:

‘Botoxed Barbie’ Ivanka Trump is accused of cultural appropriation after she donned a series of Oriental-style gowns during her solo trip to India


Wait a minute. Cultural appropriation? Where is all the clamor over ‘cultural appropriation’ when we were talking about Fauxcahontas/Pocahontas and her ‘Pow Wow Chow’? Aside from some ACTUAL Cherokees that are calling Warren out for her BS… it’s a non-issue. Even when she’s trying to call ‘Pocahontas’ a racist slur. (Pocahontas’s actual descendant, the one with a membership at Mar-A-Lago, disagrees.)

Speaking of ‘cultural appropriation’… what about when we saw these outfits overseas. Were critics equally upset when these two women wore foreign ‘cultural’ attire?

What Jim Acosta, Rachel Maddow and the Rest of The Media (D) STILL haven’t figured out yet is why we call them ‘Fake News’.

Let’s spell it out for them. In a shirt.

There’s a ladies’ version

And a men’s version

The problem isn’t just the lies they tell…

It’s the truth they DON’T tell…

And the opinions laced right through them.

It’s propaganda:

A Professional Liar For Liberal Causes

And the best part? This shirt is made in the USA, printed in the USA, on an American-Made t-shirt press!


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