LMAO: This Girl’s ‘Liberal X-Ray’ Shirt Is The Best D@mn Shirt Online Right Now!

We’ve all wondered for a long time, but it looks like medical science has finally determined the problem.

It’s spreading like a plague. For some reason, Liberals are losing their ever-loving minds.

Trump Derangement — and Romney Derangement before that — and Bush Derangement before that are only the tip of the iceberg.

They get wrapped around the axle about which bathroom they should use.

They see a glass of milk and cry ‘racist’.

They see a successful businessman and have an instinctive urge to destroy him and confiscate his wealth and distribute it to someone ‘more deserving’.

They flinch at a display of patriotism but cheer whenever they see illegals marching.

They see a man hold a door for a woman, and assume he’s a misogynist.

What is driving them so berzerk?

Looks like we’ve found an answer:

A liberal walks into the hospital and asks for an X-ray of it’s skull. Doctors confirmed what we already feared. Here’s the sad diagnosis…

That’s the ladies’ version. You can get it here.

Don’t worry. There’s one for the guys, too.

You can get the guy’s version here.

And the best part? This shirt is made in the USA, printed in the USA, on an American-Made t-shirt press!


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