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Tucker Carlson Tweets 100 Racist Things — It’s Even More Ridiculous Than You Think It Is

My favorite is number 26.  Which one do you find the most absurd?

Blogger Malcolm Pollack has cataloged in one blog post the epic tweetstorm posted by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson used the hashtag #100RacistThings where, in a marathon tweet session, he listed the most ridiculous things that are now considered ‘racist’.

With citations.

From Halloween costumes to Canada, Disney movies to tax cuts, and Milk to Bitcoin, here are 100 things that you never knew were racist.

1. Tamarisk trees in Palm Springs, California.
2. The ice cream truck song.
3. Credit scores.
4. Car insurance.
5. Crime statistics.
6. Halloween costumes.
7. Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”
8. Most of the better Disney movies.
9. Dr. Seuss.
10. White flight.
11. Reversing white flight.
12. White chefs who make burritos.
13. Milk.
14. Tanning.
15. NFL owners.
16. Being mad about NFL national anthem protests.
17. Mathematics. (See also here.)
18. Science.
19. Yale requiring English students to study Chaucer and Shakespeare.
20. All white people.
21. Proper English grammar.
22. Patriotism.
23. The iPhone X’s facial recognition technology.
24. Makeup.
25. Emoji.
26. Amy Schumer.
27. To Kill a Mockingbird.
28. The SAT.
29. Military camouflage.
30. Electronic music.
31. The August solar eclipse.
32. Bitcoin.
33. The “okay” sign.
34. Having a white person box against a black person.
35. The pornographic industry.
36. Apu from The Simpsons.
37. The white nuclear family.
38. Algorithms.
39. Artificial intelligence.
40. “Jingle Bells.”
41. Lucky Charms.
42. Deporting people.
43. Bernie Sanders supporters.
44. Pumpkin spice lattes.
45. White people celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
46. Lacrosse.
47. The Betsy Ross flag.
48. The Gadsden flag.
49. Expecting people to show up on time for things.
50. Cartoons of frogs.
51. Nostalgia.
52. Soda taxes.
53. Coca-Cola (but not Pepsi).
54. Wendy’s.
55. Aesthetics.
56. Star Wars.
57. Hollywood.
58. The Oscars.
59. Democrats.
60. Republicans.
61. The Nightmare Before Christmas director Tim Burton.
62. Walmart.
63. The Hindi loanword “thug.
64. Babies.
65. Bulletproof glass.
66. Referring to “canoes” and “paddles.
67. College football.
68. The NBA draft.
69. Referring to ethnic food as “ethnic food.”
70. The White Privilege Conference.
71. Abbreviating the word “guacamole”.
72. Property taxes.
73. Tax cuts.
74. New Jersey. The whole state.
75. School grades.
76. Canada.
77. American Airlines.
78. Not renting your home to criminals.
79. Criminal background checks.
80. Art history.
81. Atheism.
82. School discipline. 
83. Saying you are English.
84. English-only education.
85. Othello.
86. Capitalism.
87. Socialism.
88. Karl Marx.
89. Highways.
90. Diabetes.
91. Climate change.
92. Accurately describing criminal suspects.
93. Pollution.
94. Not wanting white people to leave a college campus.
95. The Bible.
96. McDonalds.
97. Craft beer.
98. The British monarchy (but NOT the royal family).
99. The Washington Redskins.
100. Everything.

That was amazing!

The question is… will this list anger the ‘Twitter gods’?

A great question.

Sure, he’s tweeting all of these racist things, but he’s using leftist sources to back up his mocking.

What a conundrum the content monitors at Twitter will have with this one!

Will they block him?

Will they let him be?

What do YOU think?

Those leftists.

They don’t even realize how ridiculous they are.

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