Video: Watch A Wasp Destroy Cute Chicks’ Slo-Mo Video – Hilarious!

Published on December 24, 2017

It took some time to figure out why her friend was losing her mind…

But you can tell the exact moment it dawned on her.




It’s unusual to see someone freak out when there’s a bee or a wasp in the car.

But you don’t normally get to see it in slow motion.

Today’s your lucky day.

If you’ve never seen it before, you can see it now.

She’s smiling, playing around with her slow motion footage.

Smiling sweetly. Blowing air through her lips.

Not a care in the world…

Until that moment she realizes there is a reason to freak out.

And her reaction is not only priceless…

It is in slow motion.

She is no longer smiling. She is terrified.

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