Ballsy: Trump Cuts $255M From Pakistan Because They Coddle Terrorists – Look At Their Reaction!

Published on January 5, 2018

Other countries want our money… and now that Trump’s in charge, WE want some ‘R.O.I.’

*Update* Another source puts that number at $900 Million!

Reuters: U.S. suspends at least $900 million in security aid to Pakistan
*end Update*

One of the upsides of having a strong businessman and negotiator as President, instead of a ‘community organizer’ — they have different goals, priorities, and metrics of success.

Obama was busy on his ‘American Apology’ tour, bowing to foreign leaders, kissing the ass of the ‘international community’ and giving away the store in the process.

Whether it was ignoring terrorism so he could get his precious Iran Deal, leaving Congress out of the loop while he signed on to the Paris Accord, or standing in front of the UN, days before his reelection, and blaming Benghazi, not on his own incompetence, but on American ‘Islamophobia’, Obama had his own agenda.

Then came January 2017.

Meet the new boss — NOT like the old boss.

Trump’s not abandoning our friends and allies like the old guy.

And he’s NOT throwing taxpayer money at every tinpot dictator ‘just because’ either.

He’s an investor by nature, and he’s not looking for approval. He’s looking for a ‘return on investment’. Because he’s not in it for himself… but for the country.

The change in the economy since he took over will tell you exactly what that difference looks like: Dear America: As Our Economy Sets Historic Highs, CNN Obsesses On An Anti-Trump Tabloid Book

What kind of ROI does Trump want? Look at Pakistan for example:

The U.S. will continue to withhold $255 million in military aid to Pakistan as the White House reviews the nation’s “level of cooperation” in fighting terrorism, a National Security Council spokesperson said.

The announcement came just hours after Trump in a tweet said the U.S. has “foolishly” given more than $33 billion in aid to the country and gotten only “lies and deceit” in return.

Trump has “made it clear” that he expects Pakistan to take strong action to fight terrorists and extremism, the spokesperson said. The country’s efforts against terrorism “will ultimately determine the trajectory of our relationship, including future security assistance,” the spokesperson said.
Source: Time

You know Rand Paul will be over the moon about this news.

Continuing from the same article:

The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan has also prohibited a group led by Hafiz Saeed, the alleged mastermind behind the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, from collecting donations, Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reported on Monday citing a notification from the regulator. Saeed was recently released from house arrest in Lahore, prompting a condemnation from the U.S. State Department, which has labeled him a “specially designated global terrorist.”

Pakistan has long posed contradictions for the U.S.: it’s a partner in the fight against terrorism yet is also the place where Osama bin Laden hid out for years before being killed in a nighttime raid by U.S. Navy Seals. Since 2015, the U.S. has denied Pakistan $650 million in Coalition Support Fund reimbursements that could be released only if the U.S. military certified the country is making acceptable progress against the Haqqani network, which is affiliated with the Taliban.

Compare that to a plane-load of unmarked bills flying in the middle of the night to an Iranian airfield.

You know what ELSE the left’s ‘Obama-messiah’ would never have done? This:

U.S. places Pakistan on watch list for religious freedom violations

If they want our financial help to resume, we’re gonna need something to show for that hard-earned taxpayer money.

Unless you work for the press, can there be any doubt that Trump is the better President?

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