BREAKING: The Infamous FBI Memo Has Been Unleashed – Here’s The Damning 411

Published on February 2, 2018

Even the talking heads on CNN are admitting this could be big.

The long-awaited Memo is out.

And in case you’re having trouble seeing how all the pieces fit…

We’ve got a visual map of the key players in it.  Feel free to open it in another tab as you follow along.

Interest has already caused servers to crash. But here’s a quick summary of some of the key points we know so far:

First a point raised in the cover letter before the memo itself — which will be important to the alarmists on the Left who have tried to dress this up as ‘treason’… is the acknowledgement of role of the President as top decision-maker in the Executive branch, who has final say on all issues of materials being Classified or otherwise.

Their stated purpose was made explicit:

On October 21, 2016, the FISA warrant was granted against Carter Page.

They got a warrant and three extensions. Comey signed off on three of these, and McCabe signed the other one. Sally Yates, Dana Boente, and Roseinstein each signed one or more of the applications for the DOJ.

The memo states that the government is obligated to include information favorable to the targeted citizen that would potentially lead a judge to deny such a request. This becomes relevant to the Page warrant with respect to four specific instances:

— ‘The Dossier’ (Fusion GPS) was an essential part of the FISA application. Steele was both an FBI informant, AND paid by the DNC and Clinton campaign.

— Connections to ‘Oppo research’ were omitted in applications.

— FISA applicant left out the (known) name of the US person Steel was working for (GPS Fusion). It does not acknowledge that Steele was paid by both Fusion and FBI for the same information.

— Glenn Simpson and his financial interests in this case were omitted

We suspect this one will be big:

The application relied heavily on a Yahoo news article by Isikoff.

Here’s the problem with that. Isikoff got his story from Steele. This means that the Dossier claims for validity leaned on a news story drawing from leaks from … itself.

His ongoing leaking to news outlets made him no longer a reliable source.

Comey briefed Trump on a summary of the dossier, even though it was — by this time — already discredited as salacious.

McCabe testified… no surveillance warrant would have been sought … without the Steele dossier information.

If you were wondering why people on the right are convinced this is ‘bigger than Watergate’ that’s your reason right there.

We’ll come back to that point.

But first, a word about ‘animus’. And improper information swapping.

AG Bruce Ohr, (whose wife was working for Fusion GPS in Trump research) — working with Yates and Rosenstein — suppressed Steele’s personal political motivations. Bruce Ohr and his wife and their connections to Hillary-funded Fusion GPS Dossier was NOT detailed in the FISC.

And another one about animus.

Ok. Stop and consider the implications.

We have — supposedly — 4th Amendment protections for a reason. THIS is that reason.

If someone were seeking under cloak of darkness to put you and your family under surveillance because you supported the wrong political idea, would you trust the people named in this document to be fair in the case they made against you?

Even the folks on CNN are saying this is problematic.

Bigger than Watergate?

As one commentator described it (sorry, for not being able to remember which one), Watergate looked like a fraternity prank by comparison to the people we give guns and badges working together in secrecy to undermine the 4th Amendment rights of citizens.

Why is it bigger?

If we accept McCabe’s testimony as accurate, the Warrant would not have been possible without the Dossier… which was created and orcestrated by Trump’s acknowledged political foes. Which leaves a very big question answered:

Would there have even been a ‘Russian Collusion’ investigation without the (possibly illegal) surveillance of Team Trump?

And if not… does the entire JUSTIFICATION for the Mueller investigation run afoul of the ‘Fruit Of the Poisonous Tree‘ principle?

Here is the Memo:

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