So, Does Mr. Comey Think the Rule of Law Is No Big Deal?

Written by Allan Erickson on February 3, 2018

So former FBI Director Comey thinks the Memo is no big deal?

No big deal he was part of an effort to manipulate the FISA judge to approve unwarranted surveillance of a citizen with the aim of forwarding an investigation designed to destroy candidate Trump, and later, President Trump?

Mr. Comey is ok with the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign weaponizing the FBI and the DOJ in order to play politics, manipulate elections, and attack a newly-elected President?

Mr. Comey is fine with the DNC paying operatives inside and outside government to craft a dossier filled with unsubstantiated, damaging accusations in order to have government attempt to destroy a U.S. citizen?

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How then can Mr. Comey ever object to Putin and KGB tactics? If you are ok with one, you must be ok with the other. When will it be ok in this country to inject the opposition with radioactive material? Is it time to throw people in prison indefinitely without any due process?

If George Bush had done any of these things, even to the slightest degree, the howling mob would have ripped the dome off the Capitol Building. But so long as the morally superior Left breaks every rule, and law and standard of decent behavior (all for the supposed greater good, of course) it’s good and right to turn a blind eye, and attack the ones trying to stand for the rule of law.

If the Memo is no big deal, then we must conclude in Comey’s mind, the rule of law is no big deal, and if the rule of law is no big deal, then we’ve crossed over to the belief that Liberty is no big deal, bring on mob rule!

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Allan Erickson
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