Watch: Rose McGowan Goes Off On Transgender Protester In An Epic Liberal Throwdown!

Written by K. Walker on February 3, 2018


The verified Women’s March account is now chastising Rose McGowan’s behavior against the trans activist.

I guess she’s just not a good feminist anymore.

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When this feminist meets this trans activist, all hell breaks loose — right in the middle of a Barnes and Noble.

It’s hilarious when they eat their own.

In case the name Rose McGowan seems familiar to you, she’s the actress that has come out and publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of rape.

She had a somewhat stunted career in Hollywood until this #MeToo movement blew up, but lately, that’s been changing. She’s been fêted all over the place as a woman who came forward to share her horrific story of abuse in Hollywood.

She’s even written a book titled, Brave.

McGowan, unsurprisingly, is also a very outspoken feminist. However, her ‘brand’ of feminism isn’t embraced by all feminists because it’s not the ‘right’ kind of feminism.

McGowan has shot back and attempted to embrace all of the various identity groups, including transgender women — these are people like Caitlyn Jenner that are biologically men but ‘feel like’ they are actually women.

Personally, I’ve never understood the ‘trans women are women’ argument by the third-wave intersectional feminists. It makes no sense. The argument by second-wave feminists is that men and women are exactly the same. The transgender identity issue disagrees with that and says that there are ‘male brains’ and ‘female brains’. Third-wave feminists are trying to include both groups under one, big tent — but that simply cannot work. Both of those ideas regarding men and women are incompatible.

I give you Exhibit A: Rose McGowan meets Transgender Activist.

McGowan was at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan’s Union Square promoting and reading from her new book, Brave.

There were tons of fans there to support her, but a very loud confrontation occurred between McGowan and a transgender activist claiming that McGowan didn’t do enough for trans women.

Among the crowd of fans was an Andi Dier, an angry transgender woman who attacked McGowan for not campaigning for the rights of trans women.

She shouted at the actress and had to be escorted out by security but her remarks set McGowan on a minutes-long, profane rant where she spoke about being ‘raped and strangled’ and claimed Investigation Discovery was a network ‘dedicated to women’s deaths’.

McGowan, in her anger, accidentally goes off-script and, well, just watch.


The day after the confrontation, McGowan was interviewed by Ronan Farrow and for the first time claimed that she had been raped at the age of 15 by a well-known Oscar-winning actor as well as by Harvey Weinstein, which she has been alleging for years.

After that appearance, McGowan, who is the star of a new documentary about her advocacy work and how she has been part of the Me Too movement, canceled all public appearances.

In a tweet, she said she had given ‘enough’ to the cause and demanded an apology from Barnes & Noble.

She also alleged that Dier had been paid to lambast her and she abhorred her publicists and the ‘complicit’ audience for not standing up for her.

When first confronted by Dier at the book event, McGowan kept her composure and told her, as she screamed abuse, ‘sit down, you’re so boring’.

Dier complained that McGowan, while advocating for cisgender women’s rights, had done nothing for the trans community.
Source: Daily Mail

The woman with the book entited, Brave blamed her publicists and her audience then canceled all public appearances.

Here are McGowan’s tweets:

Here is what McGowan said in the video:

MCGOWAN: You don’t know my life. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Enough. Get lost.

Shut up you’re so boring. Don’t label me sister, don’t put your labels on me.

Don’t you f**king do that. Do not put your label on me, I don’t come from your planet. Leave me alone.

I do not subscribe to your rules. I do not subscribe to your language. You do not put labels on me or anybody. Step the f**k back!

What I do is for the f**king world and you should be f**king grateful. So shut the f**k up. Get off my back. What have you done? Cause I know what I’ve done. G*d d*mmit!

Some of the members of the audience shout at McGowan in support, but she continues to delineate the difference between women and trans women.

How intersectionally incorrect.

She yells at the crowd in her rage.

I’m mad at the f**king lies, I’m mad at the stereotypes. I am mad that you put s** on me! Cause I have a f**king vagina!

And I’m white or I’m black or I’m yellow or I’m purple. F*** off! All of us want to say it, I just do. God dammit!

Still more members of the audience try to support McGowan, but she realizes that she may have said something politically incorrect.

She attempts to correct her mistake, but then…

Trans women are women what I’ve been trying to say is that it’s actually identical the stats are not that dissimilar. You break it down it is a much f**king smaller population

There’s not a network however devoted to your f**king death. There’s not advertisers advertising tampons as a camera goes lovingly up a girl’s body as she’s being f**king raped and strangled. P*ss off.

Until you can collect that f**king check, back up.

My name is Rose McGowan and I’m obviously f**king brave.

God damnit. It’s time to tell the truth. Isn’t boring? Isn’t everyone bored?


That was… confusing.

But then, I guess it would be trying to keep all of third-wave feminism’s politically correct balls in the air.

Is Rose McGowan fighting for white women, or for straight, white women, or women of every color and sexual orientation excluding trans women, or for all women plus the men (some still with their twig and berries) that identify as women?

It’s all so confusing.

It’s a good thing that I’m not a third-wave feminist.

ClashDaily will keep you posted if McGowan or any other intersectional feminist can figure out this confusing situation.

But for now, enjoy the ideological mess that the left has created by denying the validity of science, logic, and the God Who created all things.

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