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News Clash

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Demands A Ban On A Gun Part That Doesn’t Even Exist

Do you notice how Politicians who know the least about guns are often the loudest about banning them?

It makes you wish you could force politicians to recuse themselves from voting on the issue until they educate themselves about the most basic of facts about both firearms and rights.

Hard on the heels of the Lieutenant General CNN had on their program talking about ‘Full-Semi-Auto’ (whatever THAT is supposed to mean) where he admitted his aim would not be very good (spend a lot of time out at the range do you, sir?) we’ve seen another flash of brilliance on the left.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz — who STILL hasn’t been held to account for keeping the IT team with dubious foreign connections that were illegally accessing TERRABITES of information from servers — and to make it worse, she was THREATENING LAW ENFORCEMENT for ‘daring’ to hold a laptop as evidence.

A quick teaser for those who missed our story on the DWS scandal for her IT workers

Let’s put it in terms simple enough that even Don Lemon could understand. Men who are NOW under criminal investigation have had IT access to highly-sensitive government documents for about a decade. Also, they are from Pakistan. This wouldn’t matter much, except that there is a criminal investigation. And foreign money involved. And unauthorized duplication of files.
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She cared so little about NATIONAL security that she kept the guy who destroyed laptops and almost fled the country in her employ until the day AFTER he was arrested, long after everyone else in her party called him a security risk, and axed him.

But Debbie has moved on from all that. And from those ‘Dreamers’ she cared so much about last month. She’s on a crusade. They’ve found their golden-ticket political issue for 2018. Move over Occupy Wall Street, BLM, Antifa and Women’s Marches. This is the year of Gun Control!

They are so passionate about leveraging the issue to revive their crumbling party that rhetoric is far more important than facts.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was interviewed on CNN.

In the middle of LITERALLY saying she does not believe in the Second Amendment…

‘eliminating military-style weapons from society and only making sure that people who are in the military can utilize them RATHER THAN CIVILIANS’ (–Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

… in the next words out of her mouth, she finished the thought by expressing her desire to eliminate an accessory that exists only in her own fevered anti-2a imagination…

and making sure that we don’t have high-capacity rapid-fire magazines that allow mass killings and that whose primary purpose is only to achieve that. That’s gonna solve this problem.

[The original video is not yet available in a format that can be included in our post but it can be seen here.]

She was specifically asked if she was willing to Ban AR-15 rifles. “Oh yeah. We have to.”

Exactly what part of ‘shall not be infringed’  are you having trouble with there, little Debbie?

Bless her heart.

You’re a bubble off level, dearie.

But she is by no means the only person on her team that has redefined the phrase ‘weapons-grade stupid’.

Let’s ban all the things that don’t exist!

What next, taxing unicorn farts?

They are running off half-cocked, spouting nonsense.

But that is what makes them dangerous.

Because they are aided and abetted by the media, they don’t have to be RIGHT, they just have to whip up an ignorant public into a frenzy, and they will insist on outlawing these imaginary things, and outlawing the AR-15 (See: Alinsky rule 13).

The facts really don’t matter. All they really want is to harness public outrage. Because with enough outrage… laws, facts, and even the Constitution don’t matter.

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