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LMAO: Christian Film Outperforms Gay Romantic Comedy

This independent Christian movie is doing amazingly well in theatres and it has outperformed a gay ‘coming of age’ flick. Check it out.

Hollywood insists on making movies that tell its leftist narrative but don’t celebrate the movies that people actually want to see.

That seems to be the case with the Academy Awards — the movies that win are the ones that check all the right intersectional boxes — are there enough women, gay characters, ‘oppressed’ visible minorities? Is there an a-hole white guy? Great, here’s your Oscar.

Black Panther is so huge right now because it’s the ‘first’ superhero movie that has a black star.

Apparently, Hancock didn’t count.

Neither did Spawn.

Or Blade.

Or Blade II.

Or Blade Trinity.

But ‘woke’ white kids had better not wear the Black Panther costume!

Even though the superhero flick is at the top of the box office right now, it’s still being criticized for not being intersectional enough. No lesbian scenes, you bad, bad progressives!

You can bet that it’s going to win every Award in 2019, though.

It’s a box office smash. Not a surprise, superhero movies are. Though, they rarely get the awards for bringing people into the theatre.

Generally, it’s the movies that critics love and patrons don’t see — the ones that push a certain left-leaning agenda — that gets all the hardware.

Which brings us right back to movies that people actually want to go and see.

The nation’s moviegoers look to be turning out in bigger numbers for a Christian-themed independent film than for the first mainstream teen movie with a gay main character. Roadside Attractions-Lionsgate’s “I Can Only Imagine,” based on the story of the biggest-selling Christian song of all time, is looking at an estimated $15 million for the weekend from 1,629 locations, far outdoing earlier estimates of $2 million-$8 million.

Meanwhile, Fox’s “Love, Simon” is garnering attention for featuring a love story centering on a teenage boy coming out, and is looking at a $12 million-plus weekend on 800 more screens than the faith-based opener. With “Black Panther” still drawing healthy audiences in its fifth weekend, “Love, Simon” is facing the same challenge as “A Wrinkle in Time” did last week to lure moviegoers away from the Disney-Marvel blockbuster.

Budgeted at just $7 million, “I Can Only Imagine” tells the story behind the hit song of the same name and of Bart Millard, the leader of Christian rock group MercyMe. J. Michael Finley stars as Millard and Dennis Quaid plays his father in the film from directors Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin, who helmed 2015’s “Woodlawn” and 2014 “Mom’s Night Out.”
Source: Variety

If you haven’t already seen I Can Only Imagine, go and see it!

We need to show Hollywood that we want to see movies like this.

We are in a culture war and supporting Christian art, music, and movies is precisely how we get back the culture.

Watch the trailer for ‘Love, Simon‘:

Now watch the trailer for ‘I Can Only Imagine‘:

So, which would you rather watch?


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