‘Precious’ Anti-Gun Kids, Who We’re Suppose To Listen To, Destroy Walmart After Gun Protest

Written by K. Walker on March 17, 2018

Hey Walmart, what good did your anti-gun virtue-signaling really do for you?

Winston Churchill reputedly said that an Appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

Walmart got bit by the very crocodile it just tried to appease when it announced changes to their gun sale policy.

Walmart and Dicks voluntarily changed their purchase age of some firearms to 21.

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The rioters didn’t care. During the ‘anti-gun’ walkout, sixty students in Chicago trashed a Walmart.


Police in Chicago are looking for as many as 60 high school students who trashed a local Walmart after being allowed out of classes to take part in the nationwide walk-out against guns on Wednesday.

The students are from Simeon Career Academy in the city’s South Side.

Like thousands of others across the country, they were allowed out of class at 10am on Wednesday to take part in the protest.

Instead of standing outside the school building as planned, they crossed the parking lot to the Walmart which sits opposite and stormed the store.
Source: DailyMail

These are the voices of “the future” whose societal solutions demand to be heard?

Here’s the raw video (LANGUAGE WARNING):

Some stole chips and candy during their rampage.

The very same people whose demands the Media(D) tried to guilt us into kowtowing to don’t even have the maturity to NOT form themselves into a violent mob.

They obviously haven’t stopped to think about what happens when a mob trashes a place like this. It isn’t just about ‘sticking it’ to some nameless, faceless corporation. It hurts a lot of people they wouldn’t even stop to think about.

Themselves, if they get arrested (there is footage, and they know who they’re looking for) but also the poor schlubs who are just trying to keep their head down and make their way in the world.

Maybe that’s why this story took off and became viral. It talked about the consequences that these self-absorbed punks don’t bother to think about:

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