Is Social Media Exploiting “Community Guidelines” to Undercut The Second Amendment?

Written by Kenn Daily on March 8, 2018

I’ve heard of three YouTube channels that received strikes after posting videos that include the words “crisis actors.”

The three videos were deleted by YouTube.

YouTube issues strikes when a channel is found to violate the site’s terms of service. Three strikes in three months will result in the offending account being deleted.

It should be noted that mass school shootings are real. Those reported to have been killed or injured are not actors.

But apparently, these two words — “crisis actors” — are doing severe damage to the anti-Second Amendment movement and have been targeted for extinction by cultural Marxists.

Alex Jones Infowars YouTube channel was given two strikes for reports on the Parkland school mass shooting in Florida. “Crisis actors” are said to have emerged after the tragedy to pose as students and appear on news programs where they vent their disdain for Second Amendment rights. Jones perpetuates the idea that crisis actors participated in the affair.

Studio News is another YouTube channel that was given a strike for a video discussing “crisis actors.” The channel host claims the video was posted in 2014. That suggests trolls are deep-searching to find then purge the words “crisis actors”.

A very small channel posted a commentary from Fox News in which “crisis actors” were being utilized at CNN to drive public sentiment against the Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association, and the right to bear arms. The offending channel has fewer than 100 subscribers and the now-deleted video had only a dozen or so views, according to the channel owner.

There are likely many other channels that received strikes for discussing “crisis actors”.

So I searched “crisis actors” on YouTube to see if there were any surviving videos containing the offensive two words. I found many YouTube videos discussing “crisis actors.” However, nearly all seemed to be videos that demean, demonize, or ridicule the concept of “crisis actors.”

Again, it should be noted that mass school shootings are real and those reported to have been killed or injured are not actors.

However, the left exploits these tragedies to sway public opinion. To this end, “crisis actors” may pose as demonstrators or be coached to effectively present their case against gun rights on left-leaning news venues such as CNN and MSNBC.

Image: Courtesy of: YouTube Community Guidelines

Kenn Daily
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