Social Media Giant Tracks Everything You Do – Here’s How To Stop Them

Published on March 22, 2018

Think your social media account is ‘safe’? Even if you don’t have one, they could be tracking you anyway… unless you…

…wait, what? Those friendly thumbs-up people can do that? Even if you don’t HAVE an account? Yup. That’s what we said.

Little scraps of code are enough for them to build a digital profile of you, even if you’ve never signed up for an account.

So, obviously simply ‘removing permissions’ may not be enough.

Your data is advertising GOLD. The heartbeat that drives the internet.

An obvious step people concerned about their security have been doing is to manually change the permissions settings for their apps.

It’s a start, but that may not be enough. Especially for apps that already have your information.

That’s where your device comes into play.

Your settings can change that.

Here’s how.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, the steps to block targeted adverts are relatively simple.

Go to Settings, tap Privacy and then scroll down to click on Advertising.

From there, swipe the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ button.

If you choose to leave the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ feature off, that means that advertisers can track your browsing behaviour by assigning your device a unique ID number, or a Identifier For Advertising.

When you the option on, your device will be represented as ‘00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.’

In turn, it will be harder for ad technology companies to track your browsing behaviour.

If you own an Android phone or tablet, the process is very similar.

Open up Settings, navigate to Accounts and Sync, select Google, then Ads and finally, select ‘Opt Out of Interest Based Ads.’
Source: DailyMail

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