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Dear CNN: Why Do You Praise JFK’s Salacious Sex Life And Yet Pooh-Pooh Trump’s? Please Explain.

One president’s alleged affairs are called ‘scandalous’ while the other is called ‘legendary’. Why is that, do you think?

It couldn’t be ideological bias, could it?

Before Bill Clinton messed around with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, there was John F. Kennedy bedding a 19-year old intern in his wife’s White House bed.

In what could only be described as a #MeToo moment, JFK seduces a 19-year old virgin.

Could I have done anything to resist President Kennedy? I doubt it: once we were alone in his wife’s bedroom, he’d manoeuvered me so swiftly and unexpectedly, and with such authority and strength, that, short of screaming, I don’t think anything would have thwarted his intentions.

Friends invariably said: ‘You must see it, Mimi – you were set up! He was a predator.’ A few went a step further and brought up the word ‘rape’.

I didn’t see it that way. That night, in the midst of my shock and confusion, I felt for the first time the thrill of being desired.

Mimi Alford describes losing her sexual encounter with JFK in her memoir.

‘This is a very private room,’ he said. The next thing I knew, he was standing in front of me, his face inches away, his eyes staring directly into mine.

He placed both hands on my shoulders and guided me toward the edge of the bed. I landed on my elbows, frozen halfway between sitting up and lying on my back.

Slowly, he unbuttoned the top of my shirtdress and touched my breasts. Then he started to pull off my underwear.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Nor could I believe what I did next: I finished unbuttoning my shirtdress and let it fall off my shoulders.

Then he was above me. He paused briefly when he felt some physical resistance.

‘Haven’t you done this before?’ he asked. ‘No’, I said. ‘Are you OK?’ he asked. Yes, I replied, and he resumed, but more gently. ‘Are you OK?’ he kept saying. I nodded.

After he’d finished, he smiled at me and suggested I use the bathroom. When I came out, he was waiting for me in the West Sitting Hall, which was now deserted. I was in shock. He, on the other hand, was matter-of-fact, and acted as if what had just occurred was the most natural thing in the world.

Yes, Mimi, that was indeed predatory behavior.

And he used his power over her to make her perform oral sex on one of his aides in public — the very man that had brought Alford to him in the first place:

The President and I were in the pool, splashing playfully, while Dave Powers was sitting on the edge, with his feet dangling in the water. Then JFK swam over and whispered in my ear: ‘Mr Powers looks a little tense — would you take care of it?’

I knew exactly what that meant: it was a dare to give Dave Powers oral sex.

I don’t think the President thought I’d do it, but I’m ashamed to say that I did. It was a pathetic, sordid scene, and I can hardly bear to think about it. Dave was jolly and obedient as I stood in the shallow end of the pool and performed my duties. The President silently watched.
Source: Daily Mail

Mimi says that this was the beginning of an 18-month affair that lasted until he died. She also claims that she wasn’t the only woman he was ‘seeing’ at that time.

We know that Kennedy was a serial adulterer. He famously bedded Marilyn Monroe before passing her off to his brother, Bobby. And he brazenly slept with Chicago gangster Sam Giancana’s mistress.

That’s ‘legendary’ according to CNN.

Watch their new promo for the new special ‘The Kennedys‘:

But President Trump allegedly having sex with a porn star, Stormy Daniels, 12 years ago is SHOCKING and requires round the clock coverage on CNN.

According to CNN, it’s just fine for Democrats JFK and Bill Clinton to use their authority to mess around with young interns while in office, but a billionaire playboy who had been known for being a billionaire playboy is condemned for an allegedly consensual affair because he’s a Republican.

Got it.

These people are nuts.

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