Pervert Exposes Himself To Kid In Target’s Women’s Bathroom

Published on April 6, 2018

If only somebody had warned that something like this could happen — oh wait, we did.

Does anyone else remember a couple of years back when Target was the center of the swirling controversy about which bathrooms should be used by whom?

Obama waded right into it, and ‘championed’ the right for XY chromosome males to walk into the ladies rooms.

California issued a ‘travel boycott‘ against several states over it. Some reports estimate that North Carolina lost $3.76 Billion over the boycotts.

What was our objection to the new bathroom rules? Was it rooted in ‘hate’? Not at all. As you can see in this related story:

Watch: ‘Do You Want Men In Women’s Bathrooms’ Video Is Causing A Big Stir – Do You Like It?

We were concerned that it would endanger women and children, who were physically smaller, vulnerable, and isolated from any help.

Everyone on the right was called out as being a ‘hater’ for describing known qualities of human behavior.

Fast forward to a bathroom in a TARGET in 2018.

A mother was with her young child at about 4:08 p.m. in the women’s restroom at the Target at 1154 S. Clark when the man entered and insisted he had to go to the bathroom, according to Chicago Police.

He then pushed into the stall where the child was and exposed his genitals before leaving the bathroom, police said.

“It’s very sad. Children are innocent,” Stanley Hughley, a shopper at the Target store, said. “However old the pedophile was, it’s wrong. It’s pure evil no matter how you look at it.”

According to Target spokesperson Danielle Schumann, the man was drunk when he pushed the girl out of the stall, went to the bathroom and left.
Source: NBC Chicago

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