Clash Poll: Are You PO’ed Jeff Sessions’ Is Not Answering Congress’s Subpoenas?

Published on May 7, 2018

How did he go from being the guy who was going to ‘drain the swamp’ to being practically a spectator in his own job?

Jeff Sessions was going show us all how sunlight is the best disinfectant. He was going to locate and root up the corruption that had been normalized at the upper levels under the previous administration,  and he was going to set things right.

In some ways, he has done exactly that. He’s been making good progress in some areas of his responsibility. There have been some significant ICE raids and Opoiod busts for example. And he has been putting the pressure on sanctuary city proponents.

But the biggest issue under his purview is one he has refused to offer any oversight at all over. He has recused himself in the Mueller investigation under all areas that directly pertain to Russia. But he still has oversight over all areas NOT relating to Russia.

Which means Sessions CAN and SHOULD reign him in when he wanders off target.

But now Nunes wants to slap Sessions with Contempt of Congress. Why? Because Constitutionally, Congress can and should exercise oversight over the DOJ.

And the DOJ has been thumbing their collective noses at that Constitutional right to oversight. Requested forms come back so heavily redacted so as to change their meaning, or omit key facts that ought not be redacted — like the part where Comey stated Flynn gave no impression to his questioners that he was telling anything but the truth.

Why was that hidden?

Why hasn’t the DOJ released Mueller’s expenses?

Why is Judicial Watch getting more answers than Congress? (Their refusal to comply with subpoenas is a big part of why Chaffetz quit.)

That’s beside a ton of other intriguing finds these guys have dug up within the DOJ.

You can blame the subordinates all you want, but Sessions is supposed to be running the agency. And if he can’t get them to answer the damn subpoena when Congress asks for it — or be fired — maybe he’s not the right guy for the job after all.

What do you think?

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