Dear CNN: NY’s AG Schneiderman(D) Slapped and Spit On Woman And Called Her His ‘Brown Slave’ – Is That ‘News?’

Published on May 8, 2018

That awkward moment when the guy who was PROSECUTING Harvey Weinstein was just like him. Or, since he was the AG, perhaps worse.

This is why we hate ‘virtue signaling’.

In February, four months after the first stories about Weinstein broke, Schneiderman announced that his office was filing a civil-rights suit against him. At a press conference, he denounced Weinstein, saying, “We have never seen anything as despicable as what we’ve seen right here.”

Talk is cheap, and it’s easy to hide horrible intention behind pretty words. What some of these so-called male feminists are REALLY like in private is beyond vile. For example:

The Left claims they want to talk about men oppressing women. To help them.

Oh really? Let’s see if any of them can read to the end of this story without Hulking Out.

Notice how often that ‘women card’ they like to play has nothing to do with the real rights of women. [See: Harvey Weinstein, Linda Sarsour, Anthony Weiner, Bill and Hillary Clinton among others]

Notice how often it is just a tool to divide voters into identity groups that can be exploited at the ballot box?

Yeah. We noticed, too.

How does Mr. Virtue really treat the women in his life? For the answer to that question, let’s turn to the New Yorker, who Schneiderman himself just praised last month for their role in exposing powerful perverts.

Just to remind our readers that what he did can’t be dismissed as a one-off, here is one accusation, you will notice it’s not stated by some random woman hiding behind anonymity.

After the incident, Manning Barish left the apartment, telling him that she would never come back. “I want to make it absolutely clear,” she says. “This was under no circumstances a sex game gone wrong. This did not happen while we were having sex. I was fully dressed and remained that way. It was completely unexpected and shocking. I did not consent to physical assault.”

Now for the even more shocking account of another woman who had the misfortune of having been intimate with Schneiderman. (To date, four separate women have accused him of such behavior.) This one was Ivy League grad, and author / actress / producer Tanya Selvaratnam, who is another political activist.

When Schneiderman was violent, he often made sexual demands. “He was obsessed with having a threesome, and said it was my job to find a woman,” she says. “He said he’d have nothing to look forward to if I didn’t, and would hit me until I agreed.” (She had no intention of having a threesome.) She recalls, “Sometimes, he’d tell me to call him Master, and he’d slap me until I did.” Selvaratnam, who was born in Sri Lanka, has dark skin, and she recalls that “he started calling me his ‘brown slave’ and demanding that I repeat that I was ‘his property.’ ”

The abuse escalated. Schneiderman not only slapped her across the face, often four or five times, back and forth, with his open hand; he also spat at her and choked her. “He was cutting off my ability to breathe,” she says. Eventually, she says, “we could rarely have sex without him beating me.” In her view, Schneiderman “is a misogynist and a sexual sadist.” She says that she often asked him to stop hurting her, and tried to push him away. At other times, she gave in, rationalizing that she could tolerate the violence if it happened only once a week or so during sex. But “the emotional and verbal abuse started increasing,” she says, and “the belittling and demeaning of me carried over into our nonsexual encounters.” He told her to get plastic surgery to remove scars on her torso that had resulted from an operation to remove cancerous tumors. He criticized her hair and said that she should get breast implants and buy different clothes. He mocked some of her friends as “ditzes,” and, when these women attended a birthday celebration for her, he demanded that she leave just as the cake was arriving. “I began to feel like I was in Hell,” she says.


“I was scared what he might do if I left him,” she says. “He had said he would have to kill me if we broke up, on multiple occasions. He also told me he could have me followed and could tap my phone.”


So, do you think they’ll be regretting naming him for this award? May First.

This was only a week ago.

Life comes at you fast.

… even milk has aged better than that award.

The “right to control her own body” he says? Does that include being choked, slapped, and being called abusive names? You’d think those things are even MORE important to someone whose job involved bringing lawbreakers to justice.

Is it any wonder the Left chafes so much against candidates who run on a ‘Law and Order’ platform?

One observer didn’t mince words:

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