Trump Just Blasted John Kerry via Twitter And It’s Pure Gold!

Written by K. Walker on May 8, 2018

To hell with his country, Kerry’s only concerned about his OWN interests. Like that crumbling ‘legacy’ of his.

Remember when the Media(D) scolded the INCOMING President Trump for talking to foreign leaders? Remember when they ALL parroted Obama’s line of ‘One President at a time’ when it suited them?

Here’s an Obama quote Kerry really needs to read. (Emphasis added.)

It pertains explicitly to what Kerry is doing to undermine Trump.

So my instructions to my team are that we run through the tape. We make sure that we finish what we started, that we don’t let up in these last couple of months because my goal is on Jan. 21, America’s in the strongest position possible and hopefully there’s an opportunity for the next president to build on that,” he said. “No. 2, our work has also helped to stabilize the global economy, and because there is one president at a time, I’ll spend this week reinforcing America’s support of the approaches that we’ve taken to promote economic growth and global security on a range of issues.
Source: Politico (November 14, 2016)

In fact, the legal trouble Mike Flynn found himself in, that all the media dog-piled on him over was about exactly that.

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Remember how many ‘experts’ in the Media(D) insisted that the incoming administration had violated the Logan Act?

What Is the Logan Act and What Does It Have to Do With Flynn?

News outlets big and small all had an opinion on whether Michael Flynn did or didn’t violate the Logan Act simply by trying to get the transitional government up to speed and ready for Inauguration Day.

Even Newsweek (no friend of Trump) said that it would be a bad idea to go after a transition team over the Logan act, not just with respect to Trump, but for the precedent it might set.

Obama was jealously guarding his rightful authority as President that would extend until the day he stepped onto a Helicopter that did NOT have to change its name to Marine One.

Flash forward another year. Obama flew off into the proverbial sunset, and Trump took over.

Maybe Kerry never got the memo that he’s in charge of anything anymore.

If you missed it, find the full story here:
Legacy Or Treason? John Kerry Is Secretly Meeting To Salvage The Iran Deal He Helped Craft

The short version is, Kerry sees the Iran Deal he worked so hard for falling apart. And he’s secretly meeting with various world leaders and their proxies to salvage it.

Maybe it’s because he’s just signed on as an ‘advisor’ for something called ‘impact investing’, something that bills itself as a free market marshall plan that he still thinks he’s a ‘person of significance’ who has some authority to have these conversations.

But he’s already had his shot at American Foreign policy diplomacy. He botched it badly, and we have filled that role with someone else.

Between Netanyahu and the Mossad exposing the Iran Deal for the farce that it was, and Ben Rhodes bragging that he had fed lies to the media to push it forward in the first place — not to mention that it never went through the lawful ratification process a treaty needs to go through in the first place — Kerry needs to pour himself a nice big cup of STFU, and follow this solid advice from Ferris Bueller:


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