This Book Will Equip Your HS Graduate To Successfully Deal With A Godless University

Written by Doug Giles on May 21, 2018

I love it when lazy and chunky, willfully ignorant and politically inactive, self-obsessed and culturally ineffective “Christians” complain about “how bad things are getting”, and how this must be “the end of the world” principally because Kim Kardashian is making mad money off her Instagram butt pics.

Yep, these myopic seers of only bad omens think humanity has never seen the likes of our kind of vice and, thus, they conclude, “The End has come.”When I hear these goobers talk about the supposed “never-before-seen depravity” and their conclusion that this must be what R.E.M. sang about in their 1987 smash hit, It’s The End Of The World, I’m like, “Have you ever studied world history even a wee bit? Have you ever picked up your Bible and just read the chapter titles? Huh?”

Look, not-so-sharp Christian, it’s been bad before.  Like in real bad. And you know what? The world didn’t end. It kept clipping along.

God’s solution for cultural pollution has always been His people’s shaping up their shoddy spiritual lives and becoming purposefully engaged in reforming the sinful deformities besetting our blue planet. Shocking, eh?

By the way, a lot of the biblical and post-biblical reformers had a much worse field to plow then we do. As we’ll see in this little book, our protagonists didn’t have the incredible props that we have and their milieu was way more antagonistic toward their faith.

For instance, Twenty-six-hundred years ago, the nation of Judah was finding it inconvenient to follow the Law of God.  After Jehovah patiently warned this backslidden bunch through His prophets, He finally got sick of their contumacy.  He decided that if they wouldn’t listen to His prophets – maybe they would listen to seventy years of getting their backsides handed to them by a godless king named, Nebuchadnezzar.

Nebuchadnezzar was one of the top guns of the ancient world.  Imagine all the worst world leaders that are around now blended into one megalomaniacal fiend on steroids. That’s Nebuchadnezzar. God chose this wicked king and kingdom to smack Judah back to obedience to His holy covenant. Nebuchadnezzar ransacked the people of God. He wrecked their Precious Moments figurine collections. Every sweet, little religious ditty that they held dear met the Babylonian wood-chipper. Not only did he waylay their quaint way of life but he dragged their butts kicking and screaming into his demonic den — Babylon.

Babylon, though wicked, was not gnarly to a young persons’ fleshly, lower-cortex, monkey-brain delights. Imagine, if you will, a beautiful place with sort of a 24/7/365 Spring Break in Miami feel. Yep, Babylon was decadent and attractive and if you weren’t properly grounded in God you’d probably be found twerking away on a Red Bull stage doing Jello shots off a girl’s chest at Nikki Beach Club.

And that, my friends, was the mise en scène Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were forced into.

Check it out: these teenagers (teenagers, mind you), got cut off from their Bible studies and their backyard barbecues and were tossed into a culture that wooed them daily to blow off God.  To the natural eye, and from a churchy perspective, these young men were in deep yogurt. It appeared that their relationships with God and their rightful places in the planet were fleeing reality faster than a chalupa dipped in Lubriderm would go through your digestive tract.

Shockingly, these choice young men thrived in this scat-laden culture.  It wasn’t easy, though – but so what? God never said it would be easy. These young dudes, with the odds tremendously stacked against them, came through this God-ordained hailstorm with their faith intact and the wicked culture courting their righteous help and advice. Can you say, ‘Boom!”? I knew you could.

The grand ascent of Daniel and his compadres in a sinfully complicated mess was the product of giving God their utmost for His highest.  Along with their unfeigned faith, they also pursued excellence in dealing with their bedeviled flesh. Consequently, they became leaders who were sharp, solid and smart; well-versed in all manner of knowledge and understanding in Babylon’s literature and language. They were brilliant servants who were ten times greater than all in Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom.

Guess what, young Christian?  It’s déjà vu all over again. You are where Daniel and his buddies were 2,600 years ago – in the Babylonian environment under the sway of demonic principalities that have your erasure in mind.

That’s where my book, Rules for Radical Christians, comes in handy. The ‘tolerant’ society in which you live is intolerant of your Biblical Worldview.  So what are young people to do? You could huddle together in a Christian subculture and pray that Christ would come quickly and rapture you out of this mess.  Or, you could compromise your godly principles, becoming spiritual chameleons and allow your relationship with Christ to be governed by CNN. Or, you can become strategically equipped to move into an anti-theistic environment and effectively influence it for the glory of God. Rules for Radical Christians argues for the last option.

Rules for Radical Christians is not a survival devotional designed to help the young adult limp through life.  Rather, it is a road-tested, dominion blueprint that will equip the young adult with leadership skills and sufficient motivation to rise to a place of power in an overtly non-Christian culture just like Daniel did.

Daniel and his friends were stripped of everything that was sacred to them, renamed after devils, seduced daily and indoctrinated in an anti-theistic school system that makes our public schools look like Knox Seminary.  And, yet, fair Christian, they didn’t backslide, whine or join a transgendered Chaldean improv group.  Instead, they became shining examples to youth for all time: proof that greatness and godly influence never depend upon living in squeaky-clean, perfect conditions. Their culture sucked and yet they turned it around. What’s your excuse?

Rules for Radical Christians has come from a scriptural quest for an answer to: How can we change an aggressive, anti-theistic environment that wants jack-squat to do with Jesus Christ?  Through my blog (227 million page views at this writing), my Warriors and Wildmen podcast (425k downloads in the first nine months) and speaking engagements, I have learned that young Christians want to put a dent in el Diablo’s haggard backside – but they are befuddled as to where to begin.

Rules for Radical Christians focuses on clear, biblical texts to answer that confusion.  I hope that after you’ve read this hot little tome, Satan thoroughly regrets ever messing with you as you systematically wipe out his influence in this world and turn back the kingdoms of this world to the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.

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Rules For Radical Christians is not a survival devotional designed to help the young Christian adult limp through life. Rather, it is a road-tested, dominion blueprint that will equip the young adult with leadership skills and sufficient motivation to rise to a place of influence in an overtly non-Christian culture. Rules For Radical Christians gives the reader the keys to become strategically equipped to move into an anti-theistic environment and effectively influence it for the glory of God.

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