Watch Pelosi’s Verbal And Facial Ticks Go Mach 2 When Pyongyang Gets Mentioned

Written by K. Walker on May 28, 2018

How does this woman keep getting elected?

Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t win an election at any level if she ran anywhere other than California.

Ok, maybe she’d win in New York.

After all, they’ve elected some real doozies, the likes of Anthony Weiner, Andrew Cuomo, Bill DeBlasio, and, of course, we can’t forget (not that she’d ever let us) — Hillary Clinton.

It just goes to show you how nutty the ‘coastal elites’ are.

Somehow, fellow Californian, Maxine Waters still continues to represent one of the worst districts in the country — South-Central L.A. and she was labeled the ‘most corrupt’ member of Congress 4 times and only passed 3 bills in her 28 years in office. 

Yes, those erudite Californians that have voted for Pelosi and Waters for 3 decades are the ones calling the red states ‘deplorables’ and lecturing us on how we should vote.

Let’s take a good look at Nutty Nancy’s latest.

She’s having difficulty speaking in this clip — stuttering, an inability to pronounce ‘Pyongyang’, and she just can’t seem to remember exactly what it is that she’s saying.

And then there are the weird facial tics.

Maybe that’s what 31 years in office does to you.

It could be the botox getting into her brain.

Nancy Pelosi — The Poster Girl For Term Limits.


She’s 78 years old, isn’t she going to consider retiring at some point?


And is anyone else wondering what the heck is that line on her eyelids?

Is that intentional?!?! Is she attempting some new makeup trend?

Who knows.

I’ll bet she’s not even sure anymore.

Nancy Pelosi could become the next Speaker of the House.

Let that rather terrifying thought sink in.

Now get out there and help the GOP win in November, or you could be listening to that every night on the news.

If that doesn’t frighten you, I’m not sure what will.

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