Bro Says, ‘The State Is Taking My Property Unlawfully’ – This Could Be Another Bundy Powder Keg!

Written by Doug Giles on June 12, 2018

The government can be trusted, right? They’ll never abuse their powers, or act inappropriately, right?

If nobody in this world were dishonest incompetent or corruptable it might be easy to believe that. But we do not live in such a world.

It’s not like it’s the first time this happened, either.

We read the dramatic news standoffs about the Bundy family. What was not often covered was the double-jeopardy in the charges he faced.

We heard about that ‘killdozer’ story some years back… but easily forget that the driver’s desperation was in direct reaction to hostile zoning that literally eliminated a business owner’s only access road to the public. Pretty hard to work on people’s cars when nobody can drive up to your shop, right?

These are extreme instances, and rare by definition. But they prove the incompetence and arrogance that are inherent risks of big government.

Well, here we go again.

The new Dan River Game Lands on the outskirts of town are the target of a heated dispute over the boundary lines for a tract that offers ready access to the project’s namesake river.

Game lands’ neighbor Byron Tabor contends state government has unlawfully appropriated 12 to 15 acres of his Woodpecker Road homestead for the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission project slated to debut later this year as a mecca for hunting, fishing and boating.

State government acquired the future game lands in two separate transactions totaling more than $4.2 million. The fledgling preserve covers nearly 1,800 acres and includes several miles of river frontage meandering across an expanse that was all bought from a family partnership headed by Eden banker Grayson Whitt.

But Tabor contends that in closing land deals in March and in June 2017, Whitt Family Farms and state officials relied on an errant survey that resulted in a boundary line along part of the game lands’ eastern perimeter that he believes is inaccurate.
Source: News&Record

And he’s not just talking out of his hat, either. He dug up evidence to support his case.

He’s motivated to resolve this, you see. He has owned — and has been paying taxes — on 72 acres of land since 2005. When this land deal goes through, his property is slashed down to about 60 acres, or possibly less. He’s prepared to fight this to the Supreme Court, if need be.

Instead, Tabor said, the 1926 map shows a field along what is now the game lands’ side of the disputed property line. And he notes that the map was used for official reference as recently as 1996 in a transaction that included the future game lands’ tract.

“You can’t mistake a gully for a field,” Tabor said of the deep ravine that’s not depicted on the map. “You can’t farm a gully.”

But state officials believe his faith in the 92-year-old map is misplaced. They point to recent mapping by Rockingham County surveyor C.E. “Gene” Robertson before the land sales that fixed the game lands’ boundaries along their current lines.
Source: News&Record

There’s a long way to go before this is resolved, but here’s one citizen who won’t take this sitting down. And why would he?

Read this part of the story and ask yourself…

Tabor, 49, and his family have owned their property since 2005, paying taxes on a 72.7-acre tract assessed for tax purposes at $205,000 in a rural area off Harrington Highway to the southwest of town. The family has lived there full-time since 2012, freely using the land that’s now in dispute without any complaints or challenges from his neighbors, Tabor said.
Source: News&Record

… as a self-respecting free citizen, would YOU take this sitting down?

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