Dear Christian: Does Your Work Scream, ‘Awesome’ or ‘Awful?’

Written by Doug Giles on June 28, 2018

Is there excellence in the work you do? Or are you just another faceless cog in the wheel?

There was a time where a solid work ethic was directly associated with Christianity.

A time that, when a nation saw a return to faith in Christ,  workers would see the connection between the quality of their work and their worship of God… and they’d not only “step up” their game, they’d buckle up and push the pedal to the floor.

Get enough people doing that, it makes a huge difference in a society.

But Christians with a take-charge can-do attitude like that today are embarrassingly hard to find.

Are you one of them? Do you wish you were? Do you wish someone close to you was?

Then this show’s for you.

“Would you put your name on this?”

Work is worship.

You don’t do it for the grumpy boss in the company. You do it for God.

Find the link to the full-metal Man-Card they’re talking about, here.

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