Dear Christian: King David Was A Badass – Be Like King David

Written by Doug Giles on June 26, 2018

Adversity can either make you fold like a cheap tent, or it can be the anvil God uses to forge greatness in you. Pro tip: it’s better to be like David.

In this DOUGCAST, Giles recounts the rough row David had to hoe and how he didn’t turn into a pathetic little punk when faced with sick obstacles. This is pure gold. Enjoy.


This flips the self-esteem movement on its head, and replaces it with something that doesn’t leave people as mere victims of their circumstances.

In other words — it offers real HOPE that your situation is NOT dictated by forces beyond your control.

It’s not something you’ll hear on your typical college campus. But it’s just the sort of message they need.

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