DeNiro Yells ‘F**k Trump’ During Tony Awards – Will You Ever Watch His Movies Again?

Written by Doug Giles on June 11, 2018

What exactly is driving Bobby’s stupid little tirades? Attention-seeking, or something more?

Why all the sexual profanities every time he mentions Trump’s name, would Freud have something to say about what’s going on here? It’s beyond creepy, Bobby.

And what’s with the flexed biceps, as though he’s done something courageous?

You can stop now. Nobody really believes the tough guy act. You’re an actor, nothing more. It seems you’ve forgotten that.

Give the guy a few tough-guy roles and he starts believing his own press.

It was more important to flame Trump than it was to give his little speech at the awards show. It’s amazing how the President is living rent-free in these people’s heads.

What about the room full of mental midgets who cheered him? They gave a ‘standing O’ to the most knee-jerk unthinking and profoundly unoriginal profanity one can utter and don’t even realize how thoroughly irrelevant they look.

Just like Bill Maher who put his cards on the table and said he’d rather see ordinary Americans who are struggling to make ends meet suffer under a  collapsing economy so that he can get rid of Trump (notice Mr ‘Maher-ie Antoinette’ would tell THEM to ‘eat cake’ while his own wealth is relatively untouched.)

Most of the rest of Hollywood shares Maher’s sentiments. As do many media outlets… including CNN, which is now circling the toilet, ratings-wise.

America is doing pretty well. Jobs are bouncing back. People are optimistic about the future again.

But all they have in Hollywood is their seething, irrational hatred.

He’s a perfect metaphor for Hollywood right now. He flexed as though he was a powerful ‘somebody’. But in reality he’s just filled with impotent rage against a President whose agenda he can do nothing to stop.

Since we’re talking about him… don’t Nancy Peolosi and the Left owe DeNiro a beat-down?

Because they don’t like people being compared to animals… not even if they’re ruthless and bloodthirsty bastards like MS-13. They all piled on the President after those remarks, right?

Have they forgotten when DeNiro called the President a ‘dog’ a ‘pig’ a ‘mutt’?

Maybe Nancy and the talking heads on the various networks should school DeNiro on ‘respectable’ speech and the spark of divinity like they did for Trump.

We’re not gonna hold our breath on that one.

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