Watch: This FullAuto Crossbow Will Make Snowflakes Melt – So, Share It With Them!

Written by Doug Giles on June 11, 2018

The question is, how many of our readers will be building one of these beasts over the summer?

And better yet… how many who do will find a way to one-up the original and make it more badass?

We can all agree crossbows are cool, right? But they are a lot more work-intensive than an ordinary gun. After all, you need to keep drawing back and knocking the bolt between each shot. And that slows everything down to a crawl.

True enough… until now.

This guy found a way to run one off of a power tool, and give it a full-auto rate of fire.

That could turn out to be a handy innovation for those nations that like to ban things like guns and knives.


Deadly Homemade Fully Automatic Crossbow

This homemade, fully auto crossbow looks deadly AF! ????????

Posted by GAMINGbible on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Get that fired up and you could fill a lot of pincushions in a hurry.

He’s ready for the Zombie Apocalypse that people keep talking about, for sure!

What do you think? Are you running off to the woodshop, or are you skeptical that it’s too gimmicky?

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