Sen. Ted Cruz Just Kicked The Shiitake Mushrooms Out Of Jimmy Kimmel At A Charity Basketball Game

Written by Doug Giles on June 18, 2018

Sen. Ted Cruz challenged Jimmy Kimmel to a charity basketball game after the comedian mocked him on his late night show. Here’s the 411…

It all began last month when Kimmel compared Cruz to a blobfish on national television.

Cruz then challenged Kimmel to a game of one-on-one.

Kimmel accepted.

In his blather about what has been dubbed the ‘Blobfish Basketball Classic’, Kimmel failed to mention that Cruz was far from annoyed, but, rather amused at the comedian’s suggestion. He even shot back with his own idea of what Kimmel could wear.

Kimmel also didn’t mention that Cruz played basketball in high school.

Senator Ted Cruz has claimed the title as King of the Court after defeating Jimmy Kimmel in a charity basketball game.

The Republican politician, 47, and the late night host, 50, brought out their best moves and trashiest talk for the basketball game Saturday at Texas Southern University.

The charity game was launched after comedian Kimmel poked fun at Cruz comparing him to a blobfish and the senator responded on Twitter with a one-on-one challenge on the court.

Watch Kimmel trash talk Cruz:

The loser of the game dubbed the Blobfish Basketball Classic donated $5,000 to the winner’s choice charity, which for Cruz was Generation One, which works to end poverty in Houston.

Funds raised in the game were also donated to Kimmel’s choice charity Texas Children’s Hospital.

Prior to the game the late night host conceded that he doesn’t ‘have any moves’ and was mostly banking on his defense skills. 

‘I think this could bring an end to the sport of basketball as we know it. I’m not a basketball player and yet I know deep in my heart I know that I must be able to beat Ted Cruz,’ Kimmel said to ABC.

If I lose I’m not going home. I’m just going to live on the [Houston] streets,‘ he added.

Source: Daily Mail

There it is… Kimmel made a promise just like all the other celebrities did when they said they’d move out of the United States if Donald Trump won the Election in 2016. None of them ever left.

Kimmel was crushed by Cruz in a game that ran long and ended with a score of 11-9.

Did Kimmel remain a vagrant in Houston?


He’s back home and the game will be aired on his show on Monday, June 18.

Not bad for a 47-year old Senator who played basketball in high school.

The real winners are the charities, but let’s not forget the humiliation and stench of defeat that will hang around Kimmel for the next while.

Amen, brotha, amen!

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