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The Company You Keep: Two Female ‘Heroes’ Of The Left Says A Lot About Their Admirers

The left is full of distinctions. Weird ones.

For example, it’s somehow a slam against the FBI rank and file to dare question what Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe, Lisa Page, and their lot did. The things they did by any reasonable estimation were illegal at best, seditious if not treasonous at worst. But the FBI you see is a federal law enforcement agency and their agents are working hard to keep us safe, so it’s wrong to critique Strzok, McCabe, Page, etc.

Yet it’s ok to slam rank and file Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers as well as Border Patrol agents for executing the duties of their office. Somehow they are all Nazi stormtroopers merely for doing what Congress mandated they do back when a Democratically-controlled Congress mandate they do it.

Did you know women shouldn’t be sexualized? Seems hard to tell these days considering the things one sees when one turns on one’s TV, or turns on the radio and the songs are all about “bitches” and “hoes”. (It is possible rappers are really into female dogs and gardening and I am completely misunderstanding their lingo?). Anyway…

That’s why Stormy Daniels is heralded as the Susan B. Anthony of the 21st century. Anthony suffered legitimate hardship – and I have the utmost respect for what she did and had to endure in her time.

What did Daniels do to advance the cause of women’s right in her time? She starred in a bunch of movies where essentially, she submits to whatever the male wants her to do. Then, when that trough ran dry, she embarked on her “Make America Horny Again” tour. (I didn’t know porn stars went on tour but apparently they do and it involves appearances at strip clubs). To make the tour a success she needed to put butts in seats at strip clubs (I once visited a strip club where a performer walked on her buttocks but that’s another story) and to do that she needed to make herself relevant so she hooked up with an attorney. A sexualized opportunist that will sell anything she’s got to get ahead? That’s Stormy Daniels and she’s the face of feminism and #MeToo in 2018.

Stormy sounds a lot like whatshername that was banging that old guy to get leaks for her stories. If there is a silver lining at all in the story, it’s that both were left leaning.

The old guy lived in Howard County, Maryland. For those that don’t live in the area, Howard County is legendary for several things. After Montgomery County, Howard is easily the next most left-leaning county in Maryland. Yet despite all that ooey-gooey, blue-state goodness, the good liberals of Howard County balk at any attempt to do liberal things like offer affordable housing in Howard County communities where the average home sells for around half a million. Or resettle refugees in Howard County communities. (They’d rather “they” not attend Howard County public schools because you see, “they” might be intellectually “behind” Howard County kids and that might make refugee children feel “excluded” — I’m not kidding, that’s how Howard County liberals explain their unwillingness to accept refugees in Howard County communities. Archie Bunker would be ever so proud.)

If you’ve watched recent news you are aware Ellicott City, Maryland recently suffered severe flooding. You probably aren’t aware that ooey-gooey Howard County goodness, specifically the ill-advised positioning of a community center (because Howard County needed an inclusive community center to make Howard County whole) that re-routed a waterway that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay, contributed to that flooding.

The woman that could almost have been the old guy’s grand-daughter writes for the New York Times. A sexualized predator that did literally anything to get ahead. Since she apparently is in good standing with the New York Time she apparently is the face of the #MeToo movement and feminism in 2018.

What does it say about #MeToo and feminism in 2018 when the two standard bearers are a porn star and a sexual predator?

There are movements and then there are movements. Some movements are patently bs and the most recent movement that is patently bs is the sudden nonsense over immigration. Even respectable media outlets have been hoodwinked.

Immediately before the immigration thing became the cause du jour that it is, what was the big news item?

Oh yeah, the Justice Department’s damning IG report.

Think about it for a moment. In 2014, the same DHS facilities that are warehousing children today were warehousing them then. We learned this when the left attempted to blame President Trump for kids in cages until it was revealed that the photos they used were taken in 2014. The left could have played the kids in cages card in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, etc. But they played their card now. Just as the IG report in all its 500+ pages was released.

The media can’t walk and chew gum at the same time so slow your roll and just follow the bouncing ball, folks.

In the meantime, NFL players have made selfie-videos imploring President Trump to pardon those convicted of non-violent drug offenses. Cast aside, if you will, the latter part of that statement, the “non-violent drug offenses” part. We have NFL players making selfie videos in an attempt to influence Presidential behavior?

Speaking of influence and Presidential behavior, a recent review of New York Times letters to the editor proved very informative. Some opined that, after Trump allegedly slighted Trudeau, the states of California, Oregon, and Washington would welcome an invasion by Canadian armed forces as “liberators”. That kind of makes the idea of Russian involvement in an election pale by comparison doesn’t it.

Speaking of Russian collusion in the 2016 election, all we have thus far is a speech Bill Clinton delivered in Moscow for which he received the kind of money Stormy Daniels is raking in and could pay cash for Howard County, Maryland property.

Bill Clinton. Older than dirt and on the Lolita Express without his Secret Service detail doing who knows what with women younger than Chelsea. One wishes he’d just maintained an illegal email server alongside Hillary’s…yeah, you get the picture.

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Andrew Allen

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