Watch This Gator Unleash Hell On It’s Captors – It’s Epic!

Written by Doug Giles on June 7, 2018

Wow! The trappers weren’t expecting that!

This goes to show you how just how unpredictable animals can be.

An 8-foot gator was wandering around Central Florida neighborhood, Ocoee, near Orlando.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission contracts ‘nuisance alligator trappers’ to remove unwanted gators from populated areas all over the state.

To qualify as a ‘nuisance alligator’, the animal must be at least 4-feet in length and pose a threat to pets, people, or property.

According to the FWC’s website, the contractors are primarily compensated by ‘their marketing and sale of alligator products (hides and meat) from nuisance alligators taken.’

Not a bad deal, all in all. If you are willing to take your life in your hands like this.

These Ocoee contractors didn’t have an easy time getting rid of this gator.

A clip of the video obtained by WKMG-TV shows a Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper putting an 8-foot gator in the back of a pickup truck, aided by multiple people, some wearing “police” vests.

The gator appeared to have its mouth and legs bound, but it still fought back, whipping its neck around to head-butt one of the trappers.

The gator continued lunging at its other captors and fell to the ground. It was eventually taken away.
Source: USA Today

One handler gets knocked out cold.



Nobody expects to get smacked in the head by a bound-up gator.

The gator knocked out one of the trappers and whipped its tail around hitting the others.

Right before the gator starts thrashing, a kid in the frame said, ‘This is a job that I will never do when I get older.

Smart kid.

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